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Cover letters for job search networking need to be very personalized and they can take several different forms, as you can see from the example networking letters on this page.

For example, you may want to reach out to people in your own network to let them know you are job searching and ask for their advice and possibly introductions to people in their network.

Another situation in which you may need a networking letter is to introduce yourself to someone based on a referral from someone in your professional network. This is a great way to expand your own network and learn about unadvertised job opportunities.

A third situation that falls within the category of networking, involves the job search technique of conducting informational interviews. In these cases, you will be cold contacting influential individuals who work in the industry or company you are targeting for the purpose of interviewing them, soliciting advice and information, and getting even more referrals to expand your network further.

If we have written you a master letter for job search networking, often the body of the letter can remain essentially the same, but the opening and closing paragraphs will need to be tailored for every recipient based on your relationship with that person.

Most importantly, remember that your goal in reaching out to people in your professional and personal network isn’t to ask for job openings. If you ask someone if they know of a suitable job opening, the answer will be yes or no, and most of the time it will be no.

Instead, you should ask for referrals, introductions, and advice. Your goal of every networking contact should be to come away with the name of someone else you should speak with–ideally with a personal introduction.

Word of mouth is the most effective job search technique and is likely to be where you’ll find your next job. Expand the number of people you speak to and you’ll expand your chances that someone will eventually provide you with the introduction and/or lead that turns into a job offer.

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