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If you are searching for job search advice, you will find it on our blog. Job searching has evolved dramatically in the past decade, and this blog will help you stay up to date and current on job search best practices and trends.

21 Inspirational Quotes to Help You Stay Motivated During a Tough Job Search

Even when unemployment is low and it is a job hunters’ market, some job searches are more challenging than others. You don’t want to just take any job. You want to find the right job. And sometimes it can

The Definitive List of 305+ Transferable Skills for Your Resume & Examples of How To Include Them

While most job seekers know, in theory, that transferable skills are important to cultivate and include on their resume, many don’t fully understand what transferable skills are or how to identify their own transferable skills. Your professional skill

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5 Ways to Eliminate Distractions So You Can Focus on Job Searching

There is no way around it: job searching takes up time, and sometimes lots of it. It takes time to network, time to research job openings, time to customize and send out resumes, time to follow up on applications,

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12 Astonishingly Effective Ways to Lower Your Social Anxiety When Job Searching

If even the thought of job searching and all the networking it will require makes you feel anxious, you aren’t alone. Social anxiety when job searching is a problem for many people. If you’ve ever gone to an event

Job Hunting Scripts: Essential Tips on What to Say & How to Say It

While many people struggle to handle the many interpersonal situations they find themselves in when job hunting, few people actually take the time to create job hunting scripts. Yet, doing so can give you a huge competitive advantage in

17 Ways to End Procrastination & Achieve Your Career Goals

You might believe that success in achieving your career goals is a combination of who you know and being in the right place at the right time. While these may play a role, the truth is that successfully achieving

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