Highly Personalized Career Marketing Services

What We Do…Do you feel stuck in an unproductive job search?
…Do you want to take your career to the next level?
…Are you struggling to promote yourself effectively?

As a team of professional resume writers, LinkedIn profile writers, and career coaches, Distinctive Career Services can help. Since 1996, the Distinctive Career Services team has provided one-on-one, highly personalized services for professionals like you. We create career marketing documents that are infused with your brand, tell your compelling career stories, convey your professional value, and empower you to stand out confidently, get attention, be more competitive, and achieve your highest career goals.

Whether you are currently job searching, pursuing a desired promotion, or proactively positioning yourself for growth and advancement, our professional resume writing and job search services will help you…

  • reinforce or transform your professional image,
  • stand out confidently,
  • attract desirable opportunities, and
  • win interviews and offers for the opportunities you most want.

We develop powerful, engaging…

  • Resumes

  • LinkedIn Profiles

  • Infographic Resumes

  • Executive Biographies

  • Job Search Letters

  • Social Media Bios

  • Reference Dossiers

  • Networking Cards

  • Networking Profiles

We also provide strategic and practical support to job seekers, such as:

  • Research & Contact Lists

  • Resume Distribution to Recruiters

  • Resume Distribution to VCs and PEs

  • LinkedIn Profile Build Out

  • LinkedIn for Job Search Kickstart

  • Interview Coaching

  • Job Search Strategy Coaching

  • LinkedIn for Job Seeking Coaching

  • Career Focus Coaching

  • Networking Coaching

  • Salary Negotiations Coaching

  • Career Reinvention Coaching

The bottom line: we empower you to competitively raise your profile so that you attract the best executive and professional opportunities in line with your short- and long-range career goals.


Managers & Executives

As a manager or executivel-level professional, you are seeking a senior-level position and so your resume must have a deeper and more complex message. It must speak to the critical needs of decision-makers who are placing leaders in positions of responsibility and charging them with the future of their company. A great senior-level resume is strategic and aligned with the needs of the marketplace and it resonates with executive accomplishment-with leadership, strategy, problem solving, change management, thought leadership, agility, and more. Our award-winning executive services ensure you make a powerful and compelling first impression.

Mid-Career Professionals

Are you an experienced professional who is ready to propel your career forward to the next step? Our standout, attention-getting resumes will win you an essential edge over the competition. Our professional assistance will prepare you to enter the job market with confidence and self-assurance, knowing that you have everything you need to make the best first impression and open the door to the jobs you most want.

Students & Entry-Level

Graduating students and others entering the workforce for the first time face unique challenges. At Distinctive Career Services, we know how to showcase the skills and knowledge areas that are in demand with employers, help you make the most of your strengths, and ensure your resume stands out and gets attention even in a sea of competition. There is simply no better way to successfully launch your career than an investment in a professionally written resume.

Career Changers

If you are ready for a change — either of profession or industry — we can help turn your dreams into reality! Career change resumes require strategic, outside-the-box thinking about how to best showcase the transferable skills you will bring to your next position. They require an understanding of the elements that will be most compelling and persuasive to your target audience. This is our expertise!


Are you a parent who left a career to devote yourself to raising a family? Maybe you are a baby-boomer who took some time off to care for an aging parent? Or a business owner/entrepreneur who wants to return to the workforce? Whatever the situation, we have the resume writing and job search expertise to help.

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