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Do you love the design of these example sales manager resumes? Your resume content is always the most important part of your resume and we highly advise working with a professional resume writer. The Distinctive Career Services team of resume experts will write your content and create a powerful and eye-catching resume design. But if you decide to go it alone, using an ATS-friendly resume template as the basis of your design is a smart idea. The resume above uses the sales resume template that is part of the Driving Growth Collection. The sales executive resume below uses the highly adaptable resume template that is part of the Ocean Mist Collection. Both are available from Distinctive Resume Templates.

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Project Briefs: Example Sales Manager Resumes

These example sales manager resumes show creative ways to create eye appeal in your resume, helping you get attention in even the most crowded markets. If you are in any type of sales position – a sales representative, sales engineer, sales associate, sales manager, account manager – or another position, it is likely that many of your results can be expressed as numbers.

  • What did you improve?
  • What did you increase?
  • What did you strengthen?

When a hiring manager hires any sales professional, they are making an investment. The same as any investment, they want to know that there will be a strong return on that investment. Your goal in your sales manager resume is to show them exactly how you will deliver those returns and how you will do so in a more profitable way than your competitor for the job.

But, instead of just listing your accomplishments as disconnected bullet points, the best resumes tell a story and use resume design strategically to draw the reader along and call attention to key selling points. The two example sales manager resumes on this page illustrate this.

To identify accomplishments to use in your own sales resume, try listing your sales results by year or month (depending on how long you have worked for the company). During your tenure have sales increased? Have customer accounts increased? Have profit margins increased? Have there been improvements in other key performance indicators? If so, you have a great start on the material for a powerful sales resume.

We work with many sales professionals at Distinctive Career Services, helping them modernize their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and more. You can learn more about working with us and get all your questions answered by booking a free resume-writing consultation.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Considerations

Virtually all Fortune 500 corporations and recruiting firms use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to track applicants through the hiring process. Your resume must be ATS-friendly. Both example sales manager resumes on this page are ATS-friendly. This might surprise you if you have heard that resumes designed for ATS should be plain with no design embellishments. Happily, this is a myth!

Resumes can be designed to be BOTH eye-appealing for the human reader and compatible with ATS. However, it is important that you work with a professional resume writer who understands how to use design elements in ways that are ATS-compatible. If you work with our resume writing team at Distinctive Career Services, you won’t need to worry about this as we ensure your resume looks great and performs well in ATS.

Another note: How your modern resume is designed and structured aren’t the only considerations when it comes to your resume’s ATS performance. The keywords in your resume are critically important too. Both of these example sales manager resumes are keyword rich, using creative ways to include all the most important keywords.

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