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Software Engineer Resume Before & After

Use the slider below to view our stunning before and after transformation of this software engineering manager resume.

Software Engineer Resume ExampleSoftware Engineer Resume Example

Software Engineer Resume Project Brief

DIY technical resumes are often filled with dry technical details that will put a reader to sleep. While many times the technical details are important for keyword reasons (to ensure your resume performs in applicant tracking systems, aka ATS), as shown in this software engineer resume, there are ways to include the most important software engineering resume keywords while still writing a compelling, achievement-rich resume.

As this resume was for a management-level candidate, the body of the resume and job descriptions focus primarily on leadership and management accomplishments. A similar strategy would be used for any management or executive-level technology resume or any director of engineering resume.

Technology details are listed near the end of a resume in a separate section. Still, technical qualifications were important to this software engineering manager, so enough technical detail was retained in the experience section to convey the depth of experience in context. As you can see from the before version of this software engineer’s resume, this is a complete reversal from the DIY approach taken.

Conservative color, shading, and thoughtful resume design helps us include a great deal of information while still keeping the resume easy to read. The graphic on the front page will be skipped by ATS systems and the text inside it will be lost. While it is impossible to tell without looking at the source file, we have taken the text that is inside the graphic and placed it underneath the graphic. Even though the ATS will skip the graphic, it will “read” the text underneath it so that the important application development and management keywords aren’t missed.

Early military experience, which many employers value, is shown at the end of the resume, although without detail.

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