• Is your job search stuck?

  • Are you struggling to find new job opportunities or an entirely new career path?

  • Have you been applying for positions but fail to hear back from potential employers time and time gain?

  • Are you confused by the many new technologies and online job search sites and struggle with how to use them to your advantage in your search?

  • Do you feel like you are just spinning your wheels in a disorganized and inefficient search and know your results would be much better if only you had a system to follow?

  • Have you landed interviews but then stumble your way through them, unsure of how to answer tough questions and promote yourself confidently?

Many job seekers have been there right along with you. But you do not need to struggle alone. It’s possible to solve all these problems and more with the help of a job search and career coach.

How Our Job Search Coaching Can Help

  • How To Answer Tough Interview Questions

  • Mock Interviewing

  • Effective Networking

  • Job Search Strategy

  • Effective Job Search Techniques

  • LinkedIn Use & Networking

  • Negotiating a Better Salary and Benefits

  • Career Planning | Career Transition

  • Second Career Reinvention

  • Behavioral Interview Preparation

  • Value to the Organization

  • Leadership & Team Building

  • Conflict Resolution & Workplace Issues

  • Goal Achievement | Commitment to Change

  • Passion & Purpose

  • Trapped in Old Stories (layoff, firing, etc)

  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & Fear

  • Decision Making

  • Taking Action

  • Time Management

6 Signs It May Be Time to Hire a Job Search Coach

1) What Do You Want to Do When You Grown Up?

It’s a question everyone has asked themselves yet few have the answers to. Deep down, you probably know. A career coach can help uncover it.

2) Online Is a Dead End

Maybe you’re constantly looking online for new jobs or career choices. You visit the same sites and read the same emails. These are your outlets to new work but you’re stuck. Nothing new is coming up and nothing is helping you connect with possible jobs you’d actually like. A career coach can help switch this up and knows the right course of action.

3) Networking Isn’t Your Strong Point

No matter what line of work you’re in, networking is important. The process of connecting with others helps improve your outreach and your ability to interact and connect with different people who have the capability of furthering your career. A career coach will help with this.

4) Anxiety and Stress

When your mind starts to wander on what you need to do (or should do) next, do you start to stress out? Perhaps you feel anxiety build up in the back of your head, and the more you think about it the more it absorbs your entire thought process. This can be completely debilitating. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone in your corner who could help you with these issues? With a job search and career coach, you’ll have that exact professional.

5) Interviews Make You Nervous

Maybe you haven’t interviewed in a long time and you aren’t really sure what to expect. Maybe you have something in your background that worries you (nearly all of us do!) because you aren’t sure how to explain it to the interviewer. Maybe you could use some help developing a strategy for answering questions or want to do a better job of explaining your qualifications and accomplishments. If you’re truly serious about landing the best job available to you, then interview coaching is something you should honestly consider.

6) You Know You Need Help

This one is pretty straightforward. You know what you want to do but you have no idea how to do it. Or perhaps you know how to do it but you need help reaching the set goal. You don’t have to go about it on your own. You just need to turn to a professional with access to the necessary tools and assets designed to help connect you with the perfect line of work. From making a giant career change to a slight deviation from your current path, both big and small changes are always easier when you have help along the way.

A job search and career coach has the ability to jumpstart your job search. Book a coaching appointment today!

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