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Medical Manager Resume Project Brief

This example medical manager resume for the medical and healthcare industries is an interesting example because it does more than just illustrate the important elements of a medical manager resume. It also shows a strategy that can be used when you are trying to return to an earlier career track.

This client began her career as a nurse, and the first decade of her career was spent in hospitals, advancing into more and more responsible nursing-related positions. Then suddenly, circumstances changed and she was forced to give up her career and take over executive management of the family business. This was a huge leap for someone who previously had only held supervisory roles. but she rose to the challenge. Over the next 14 years, under her leadership, she tripled the business in size and volume.

As a manager resume, this is an ideal example because it illustrates the importance of emphasizing not just the scope of your management experience (for example, the number of locations and employees you have managed, and the size in revenue of the organization you managed), but your accomplishments and the lasting impact you had on the company or organization. A good manager resume should focus on your management achievements, as shown in this example. What did you improve, increase, reduce, streamline, strengthen, etc.?

But, as you may have noticed, this medical manager resume is unique for another reason. Now that she was selling the family business, this experienced manager wanted to return to her previous career track in the healthcare/medical industries. But this time she wanted to enter the industry within a management role, using the strong management experience she had gained while managing and growing the family business. Thus, this management resume was written to strategically highlight the qualifications and skills that would allow her to achieve this career change.

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