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Project Brief: Insurance Industry Resume

What is it that differentiates you in the job market from your peers with similar qualifications? What is it that you are known for?

This insurance industry resume example showcases this executive candidate’s value proposition prominently:

Navigating and advancing insurance organizations through significant changes–leading transformation from underperformers to industry leaders

That’s a powerful value proposition. But just stating it isn’t enough. Your insurance industry resume must also provide proof that you can deliver on the promise you make in your value proposition. This resume delivers in that way as well. If you read through the body of the resume and the job descriptions you’ll notice the storytelling technique we’ve used to describe the challenges he has faced, the actions he took to meet those challenges, and the results of those actions. This is called the C.A.R. approach to resume writing, and it is a technique used by many professional resume writers.

While the content of your resume is always most important, your resume design is critical too. As you can see from the before version of this example insurance industry resume, plain text resumes just blend in and are beginning to look old-fashioned. Using color and simple design to improve the eye-appeal of your resume is a sure way to capture attention and really stand out.

The design of this resume uses the professional resume template from the Power Play Collection as the foundation.

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