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Top Rated Resume Writing Services

Thank you so much! I know what I do well and obviously you know what you do well! My LINKEDIN profile looks great and purely represents me as a professional and a person. Your team is incredible and I will be happy to endorse you and your company. I will keep you informed of my career progress and future success.

S.B., California
Top Rated Resume Writing Services

My overall impression of your service is outstanding. Your staff was friendly, the service prompt, and the resume quality was excellent. I mailed out four resumes and was invited for four interviews. One of my interviewers, the one whose offer I did accept, said that this was the best put together resume that he had ever seen…

D.R., Michigan
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Top Rated Resume Writing Services

A few months ago you rewrote my resume for me. I can’t say how grateful and thankful I am that I chose to let Distinctive Documents assist with my new resume. I accepted a position with Xxxxxx and I leave for Xxxxx on 4 Sept. Now I will be able to pay my home off in a couple of months and get one of my rental properties paid off within the year. Thanks again & GOD BLESS!

D.H., North Carolina
Top Rated Resume Writing Services

My opportunity search is going reasonably well. I have had about 6 agencies submit me to about 10 openings. Half of those agencies I had not worked with previously and had to go interview with them to prove that I can dress myself correctly etc. All of them were pleased with the new resume. One just couldn’t stop saying “wow”. Two of the agencies asked for info on where I had it done and I gave them the pertinent details. I believe they were interested in using your services for some of their clients vs having someone in-house or local, especially after seeing the spectacular job you did on mine.

T.M., Canada
Top Rated Resume Writing Services

Hi Michelle: hope you are well. Just a head’s up that I’ve referred about 10 people from Xxxxxxx to you. Hope a few turned into clients. I never let you know that thanks to your services I was ‘one for one’ — one resume sent, one interview, and one job offer! That’s all it took! Happy holidays.

A.S., Massachusetts