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The perfect executive resume always begins with powerful and compelling content, as you can see from these example CFO resumes.  But it is your resume design that will initially get your resume noticed.  At Distinctive Career Services we create attention-getting, standout executive resumes that blend outstanding content with eye-catching, yet ATS-friendly design. The CFO resume above uses as a design foundation, the sophisticated resume template that is part of the Abundance Collection and the CFO resume below uses the Modern Transformations executive resume template, both from Distinctive Resume Templates.

chief financial officer resume Page 1
chief financial officer resume Page 2

Project Briefs: Example CFO Resumes

These two example CFO resumes are both powerful examples of modern executive resume writing trends.

As a chief financial officer, you are responsible for the financial health of your company. From overseeing accounting and finance to developing strategy and managing risk, a CFO wears many hats. So, when it comes time to create your CFO resume, what should you include to best showcase your skills and experience?

A track record of success is essential to communicate on every C-level executive resume.  Both of these example CFO resumes include a strong emphasis on the executives’ key accomplishments or successes. As a chief financial officer, did you lead your company through a difficult time? Did you help the company achieve its goals? Did you streamline processes or find ways to save money? Whatever it is, be sure to highlight your successes so that potential employers can see that you’re up to the task.

Of course, as a CFO, you are required to have strong financial management skills. When writing your resume, be specific about the types of financial management experience you have. Do you have experience developing budgets? Fostering relationships with investors? Overseeing audits? No matter what it is, include details.

With virtually all executive recruiter firms and Fortune 500 companies using applicant tracking systems (ATS), these details are important because they serve as resume keywords.  Keywords are the words and phrases that an employer searching through a database of resumes (known as an applicant tracking system or ATS) would use to find a person with your qualifications – or to find a person seeking the type of job you are targeting–in your case, of course, a CFO job. Keywords are generally nouns or noun phrases describing a required skill, qualification, or credential. However, sometimes brand traits or soft skills could be used as keywords.

Here is a tip — if you were searching a database for resumes of people qualified to do the type of work you are seeking (and in the type of industry if you are targeting an industry), what words would you enter as search terms? You need to make sure all the relevant words are included in your resume.

Here is another insider tip of a technique used by professional resume writers: take the time to find and print the text from 6-12 job announcements that describe your ideal position.

In the case illustrated by this example resume, you would be looking for CFO positions. Once printed, go through them with a highlighter and mark the words that describe the qualification sought for the position. If you don’t like to print documents, create a separate document in Word and list these keywords and keyword phrases that you find in the job announcements. These words are the words an executive recruiter would use to search for a candidate, and these are the keywords and keyword phrases you should be using in your resume. We’ve included many important keywords in both of these example chief financial officer resumes.

Also, notice that the job descriptions for each experience listed in these example CFO resumes tell a story.

For example, the first position:

“Promoted on the fast track…Spearheaded financial aspects for transformation into a $100 billion commercial company…”

The bullets underneath go on to tell exactly how this CFO accomplished this and the impact that he produced.

A well-written resume is essential for any job seeker who wants to land an interview—and ultimately—the job they want. If you’re a CFO on the hunt for your next role, there are certain elements that should definitely be included in your document.

Working with a professional resume writer will ensure you don’t miss anything important and that your resume makes the best possible first impression. The investment you make in crafting a powerful CFO resume will give you a major advantage over other candidates and help you land the role you want!

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