professional biography examples

Your professional biography (aka executive biography or personal biography) complements your traditional executive resume and LinkedIn profile.

While many resumes are now written in a story style, they are still almost always ordered chronologically and are very focused on conveying key facts, specific qualifications, and your most impressive accomplishments in a very succinct manner.

Your LinkedIn profile is very similar to your resume–at least the employment history section is–but you can use the summary section to show some personality and include personal information that fosters networking. LinkedIn profiles are often written in an engaging, personal, and conversational style that encourages networking. Your authentic, personal stories become conversation points for people you network with.

Your professional biography is a unique document that, in some ways, blends the best of both your resume and LinkedIn profile. Written in a narrative style and usually from the third-person perspective, bios tell the compelling stories of your career. Well-written professional biographies frame the progression of your career in a storytelling format that reinforces your personal brand and unique value proposition. You can learn more about the differences between a resume vs. LinkedIn profile vs. bio here.

Biography Examples From Our Portfolio

Sample Executive Bio

Executive Board Bio Example

This executive bio of Martina Hartford is a quintessential example of a professional bio that meticulously incorporates personal details, professional accomplishments, and a glimpse into the individual’s personality and interests, all narrated in the third person. The example bio is comprehensive, providing a panoramic view of Martina’s professional journey, her roles, her contributions, and her areas of expertise, making it an exemplary professional bio sample.

The introduction immediately establishes Martina as an internationally recognized and respected senior officer, advisor, and director, specializing in guiding corporations through financial and operational transitions and restructuring. This sets a tone of authority and expertise right from the start, creating an immediate impact on the reader. The use of vivid imagery depicting high-intensity, chaotic, crisis situations not only highlights the challenging environments Martina navigates but also underscores her role as a calming force amidst such turmoil.

The professional bio meticulously details her roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments, showcasing her extensive experience and diverse skill set. It highlights her leadership roles, her success in operational turnarounds, refinancings, divestitures, international finance, and working capital management, and her ability to restore fragmented management groups and facilitate consensus among stakeholders. This comprehensive detailing reinforces her professional credibility and authority in her field.

The inclusion of her roles in various companies and her contributions to each, coupled with her memberships and roles in industry trade associations, further accentuates her extensive experience and diverse expertise. It provides a holistic view of her professional journey, showcasing her versatility and adaptability across different roles and industries.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, the bio also incorporates personal details, giving a glimpse into Martina’s personality and interests. It mentions her residence, her love for travel, and her charitable interests, particularly her focus on international humanitarian efforts. Including personal details adds a human touch to the bio, making it more relatable and engaging for the reader.

The narration in the third person maintains a formal and professional tone throughout the bio, making it suitable for a diverse range of professional settings. It ensures that the focus remains on Martina’s professional journey, accomplishments, and personality, providing a balanced and well-rounded view of her as a professional individual.

In conclusion, this executive bio is a well-crafted professional bio sample that skillfully blends professional accomplishments with personal details, narrated in a formal, third-person tone, making it an ideal representation of what a great executive bio should encompass.

The LinkedIn “About” section and a professional bio serve distinct purposes and are crafted with different approaches. A LinkedIn “About” section is typically written in a more informal, conversational tone and in the first person, aiming to present a snapshot of the professional’s career, skills, and personality in a friendly and approachable manner.

It often invites connections, discussions, and collaborations, serving as a networking tool to foster professional relationships. On the other hand, a professional bio is usually more formal and is written in the third person. It provides a comprehensive overview of an individual’s career, achievements, roles, and expertise, often for use on company websites, conference programs, for board appointments, or in press releases. While it focuses on showcasing the individual’s professional journey and accomplishments, it maintains a formal and polished tone, adhering to the conventions of professional and corporate communication.

The following shows how a more extended executive bio can be transformed into a short bio for Linkedin.

As a seasoned professional specializing in guiding corporations through financial and operational transitions and restructuring, I have had the privilege of being a beacon of stability in high-intensity, chaotic situations. With over 20 years of experience, I’ve resolved urgent issues and implemented rapid change for large and mid-cap multinational corporations, specializing in operational turnarounds, refinancings, divestitures, international finance, and working capital management.

I’ve held pivotal roles, including Vice Chairman and Managing Director at [Company], where I played a key role in its evolution into a 1000+ employee global consulting firm. I’ve also served in various capacities, such as President and CEO, CFO, and CRO across diverse industries, contributing to their success and stability.

I’m passionate about knowledge sharing and frequently lecture worldwide at business and academic forums. I maintain active involvement in industry associations like ABI, TMA, and III, and serve on the boards of several institutions and public companies.

Beyond professional endeavors, I’m an avid traveler committed to international humanitarian efforts, focusing on enhancing the lives and education of underprivileged children globally.

I welcome connections from fellow professionals and am open to discussions and collaborations related to business transformations, restructuring, or international finance. Feel free to reach out; let’s connect and explore synergies!

Sample Executive Board Bio

Executive Biography Example

This executive board bio of Sandra Adams is a compelling portrayal of a seasoned professional with multifaceted expertise, showcasing her as a dynamic leader with a rich blend of experience in economics, finance, international business, and corporate law. The bio is meticulously written, making it a strong and compelling board bio, highlighting her passion for driving profitable growth and her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

The introduction immediately establishes Sandra’s extensive senior executive leadership experience on Wall Street and her multidisciplinary background, setting a tone of authority and versatility. It succinctly conveys her unique value proposition, emphasizing her ability to make key connections, lead inclusive teams, and leverage her global network to connect people with opportunities.

The bio effectively highlights her strategic, operational, risk management, regulatory management, legal, and sales leadership, reinforcing her multifaceted expertise. It provides specific examples of her accomplishments, such as leading successful acquisitions and managing large-scale assets, demonstrating her ability to drive growth and manage complex operations.

Sandra’s fluency in Spanish and Portuguese and her experience managing geographically diverse teams and client bases are highlighted, emphasizing her international business acumen and her ability to navigate diverse cultural landscapes. Her advisory roles with startups and her efforts to help companies find sources of capital and scale growth profitably underscore her strategic acumen and her passion for growth.

The bio also places a strong emphasis on Sandra’s commitment to DEI, detailing her innovative initiatives, awards, and leadership in this area. It showcases her creative ability to tell stories, as exemplified by her TEDxTalk, and her efforts to drive DEI in the workplace through pioneering workshops and new committees.

Her corporate governance experience is highlighted through her roles on not-for-profit boards, reinforcing her leadership and governance acumen. The detailing of her educational background and early career in Wall Street law firms adds depth to her profile, providing a comprehensive view of her professional journey.

In conclusion, this bio is a well-rounded portrayal of Sandra’s professional journey, achievements, and expertise, making it a compelling board bio. It effectively balances her diverse roles and accomplishments with her passion for growth and commitment to DEI, presenting a holistic view of her as a dynamic and versatile leader.

When crafting concise bios for LinkedIn profiles, starting with a compelling and succinct introduction is pivotal. It should immediately establish your professional persona and engage the reader, focusing on your unique value proposition and key qualifications, all while maintaining a conversational tone.

Passionate about driving profitable growth and leveraging global networks, I’ve dedicated over two decades to senior executive leadership on Wall Street. My journey has been marked by strategic acumen in operational, risk management, regulatory management, legal, and sales leadership.

The Value I Bring:

  • Multidisciplinary background in economics, finance, international business, and corporate law.
  • Proven ability to lead and transform organizations, focusing on connecting people with opportunities.

Areas I Excel In:

  • Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, I’ve managed diverse teams and client bases spanning São Paulo, Mexico City, and Geneva.

What Drives Me:

  • A fervent advocate for sustainability and social justice, I’m dedicated to raising awareness for causes like Standing Rock and have been actively involved in responsible investing within the ESG space.

Let’s connect and explore synergies in responsible investing and leadership in the ESG space!

Sample Professional Biography

Branded Professional Biography Example

Steve Benham’s bio is a striking example of effective personal branding, meticulously crafting an image of a hospitality “Renaissance Man.” It not only outlines his extensive experience and diverse roles in the hospitality industry but also emphasizes his passion and commitment to shaping memorable vacation and travel experiences. The bio highlights his unique approach to managing resort properties “from the inside out,” showcasing his ability to produce top-notch operational and financial results, emphasizing the difference between managing a hotel and managing a hotel “business.”

The emphasis on his role as a “recuperative specialist” and his philosophy, “from all adversity, comes prosperity,” further strengthens his personal brand, portraying him as a transformative leader capable of re-conceptualizing and rejuvenating resort properties to maximize market positioning and profitability. His ability to recognize and capitalize on market demands and emerging trends is highlighted, reinforcing his image as an innovative and insightful leader.

His professional memberships, media features, and educational credentials add credibility and depth to his profile while including personal details, such as his family life and philanthropic endeavors, adds a relatable and humanizing touch to his professional persona. Overall, this bio effectively leverages personal branding to present a holistic and compelling portrait of Steve as a passionate, innovative, and experienced leader in the hospitality industry.

When writing short bios for LinkedIn, it’s essential to maintain a balance between professionalism and approachability. Break down your professional journey into engaging, bite-sized sections or bullets, focusing on your achievements, values, and areas of expertise.

Known as a hospitality “Renaissance Man,” my life’s work revolves around developing and managing top-rated boutique resort and hotel developments. Energized by challenges, I’m driven by a genuine desire to shape memorable vacation and travel experiences.

Problems I Fix:

  • Specializing in recuperative strategies, I’ve successfully rebranded, restored, and repositioned numerous resort properties, maximizing market position and profitability.

My Top 5 Competencies:

  • Visionary Strategies
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Innovative Problem Solving
  • Market Positioning
  • Profit Maximization

My Passion:

  • I’m deeply committed to international humanitarian efforts, focusing primarily on initiatives that seek to improve the lives and education of underprivileged children around the world.

Feel free to reach out; let’s explore collaborative opportunities in hospitality management and development!

Executive Leadership Bio Example

Example Professional Biography

Karen Lapointe’s executive leadership bio exemplifies the power of a well-crafted professional brand, immediately drawing the reader in with a compelling opening highlighting her accolade as a finalist for Silicon Valley’s CIO of the Year. This bio opening serves as a compelling hook, setting the tone for the detailed career history and professional background that follows.

The bio succinctly outlines her progressive career, emphasizing her groundbreaking status in the semiconductor industry and her diverse roles, which have seen her at the helm of visionary strategies and transformative initiatives. It provides a snapshot of her significant achievements, such as founding successful companies and leading organizational turnarounds, offering tangible proof of her impact in the field.

Her role as a CEO of her consulting firm and her expert advisory on governance changes are highlighted, reinforcing her professional brand as a respected leader and advisor in the industry. Her commitment to Women in Leadership and Technology and her active involvement in various boards and advisory roles are woven in, showcasing her passion and contribution to her field.

In essence, this leadership bio is a concise yet comprehensive portrayal of Karen’s professional journey, effectively balancing her achievements, roles, and contributions to present a holistic view of her as a dynamic and impactful leader in her industry. Including contact details and an invitation to connect on LinkedIn adds a personal touch, making her more approachable and reachable.

In LinkedIn bios, it’s crucial to convey your professional brand and value proposition effectively. Use concise, engaging language to highlight your key qualifications, achievements, and the unique traits that set you apart, inviting connections and discussions.

Finalist for Silicon Valley’s 2016 CIO of the Year, my journey is marked by a passion for cultivating the best in people, solving problems, and a commitment to success. I’ve navigated through challenges with perseverance and led teams to achieve remarkable goals.

The Value I Bring:

  • Leadership focused on working with teams to achieve goals, coupled with a resourceful and problem-solving mindset.
  • Expertise in leading organizations through extraordinary upheaval and change, demonstrating strengths in visionary strategies and transformation.

A Few Achievement Highlights:

  • Spearheaded the financial turnaround of companies, resolving multifaceted compliance issues and creating a compliance-first culture.
  • Successfully marketed and led acquisitions, managing the monumental task of driving liquidation of the remainder.

What Drives Me:

  • A fervent advocate for Women in Leadership and Technology and STEM education, I’m passionate about causes related to sustainability and social justice.

Let’s connect and discuss synergies in leadership, technology, and transformative strategies!

Example Professional Bio

Professional Biography Example

Kathy Michaels’ professional bio serves as a prime example of how to construct a compelling and powerful professional narrative. It starts with a strong introduction, painting her as an influential agent for positive change, immediately establishing her professional persona and grabbing the reader’s attention.

One key lesson from this bio is the importance of detailing significant roles and accomplishments, as seen in Kathy’s journey as President, COO, and CFO of Xxxxxx, Inc. It succinctly highlights her leadership during times of upheaval and her pivotal role in the financial turnaround of the company, showcasing her problem-solving and leadership skills.

The example bio also emphasizes the importance of showcasing versatility in one’s career, illustrated by Kathy’s diverse roles and her focus on different aspects of financial services, from mutual funds to alternative funds. This breadth of experience enhances her professional image, showcasing her adaptability and comprehensive industry knowledge.

Another crucial aspect is the inclusion of educational background and career progression, giving a holistic view of her professional journey and adding credibility to her profile. Kathy’s advocacy for sustainability, environmental, and social justice causes is seamlessly integrated, reflecting her values and passions and adding a personal dimension to her professional identity.

Finally, the bio concludes with contact information, making her accessible to the reader. This professional bio effectively blends professional achievements, values, and personal details, creating a well-rounded and compelling narrative that outlines Kathy’s career and establishes her professional brand.

When writing a LinkedIn bio, creating a compelling narrative outlining your professional journey and achievements is essential. Use a conversational tone and break down your experiences into engaging sections, focusing on your unique value proposition and areas of expertise.

Recognized as an influential agent for positive change, I lead with confidence and approach challenges with unflagging perseverance and a commitment to success. My career in responsible investing within the ESG space is a testament to these traits, demonstrating my strengths in navigating and leading organizations through upheaval and change.

Problems I Fix:

  • Specializing in restructuring, downsizing, and outsourcing, I’ve spearheaded financial turnarounds and resolved multifaceted SEC non-compliance issues, creating a compliance-first culture.

My Added Value:

  • As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a rich background in economics and business administration, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in audit and risk reviews of fund accounting business units.

What I Am Passionate About:

  • Aligned with leadership in socially responsible investing (SRI), I’m a dedicated advocate for sustainability, environmental, and social justice causes, actively raising awareness for initiatives like the Standing Rock cause.

I invite you to connect and explore collaborative opportunities in responsible investing, sustainability, and organizational transformation!


Please remember that each of these example resumes and other career documents are protected by copyright and may not be copied. Also, when you hire us to write your resume, please feel free to share with us any examples that especially caught your eye. But remember, your resume should be designed to showcase the unique factors that set you apart from your competitors in the job market. This means that the format you have grown to “love” might not be the best format for you. Before we write your resume, we will consult with you and apply our expertise in creating a resume design and format that matches your personal brand while also showcasing the key selling points unique to your background.

More About Our Biography Examples

As you can see from the example professional bios on this page, your biography should touch on all the most important facts, such as your job titles and employers, but the story isn’t always told in the same reverse chronological order that you are used to from your resume. Sometimes, the story is better told from the beginning to the present. Sometimes, you might start in the present, jump to the very beginning, and then describe the middle. The structure isn’t arbitrary, though. It is a strategic and creative decision about how to tell your story in an engaging and creative way. Other facts that are typically included are your education, associations, certifications, board appointments, and so forth.

From your review of these professionally written biography examples, you can see that sidebars and callout boxes are frequently used to give your bio eye appeal while drawing the eye to key facts or qualifications. This is the modern method of formatting biographies that has become quite popular in the last few years. This library of more than 100 downloadable biography templates for MS Word will spark your creativity when it comes to formatting options and designs. Whether you are looking for an executive bio template or professional bio template, you will find one that meets your needs.

While recruiters will sometimes ask to see your bio, they are more frequently interested in your resume. How, then, can you use your biography? If you are a speaker, you will often be asked for a bio. Your bio may also be requested when pursuing board of director positions, usually in addition to your board resume. Bios are also great for networking situations and can be used in conjunction with or instead of a networking resume or infographic value profile.  If you are an executive and take a high-level position with a company, you may be asked for your bio so that the company can list it on its website. Some people also include a biography as a PDF download on LinkedIn.

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