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Project Brief: Resume Example for Agricultural Jobs

This attractively formatted resume for a senior managers resume example for agricultural jobs is eye-catching and easy to read. The columnar format, set up in tables, is not the best if you want to be sure your resume is ATS (applicant tracking system) compatible. But this senior manager resume will still work in most modern ATS.

Joseph took an exceptionally team-oriented approach to leadership and his entire work history was filled with examples of his contributions in leading change, growth, and improvement.  This unique value proposition and branding comes across throughout his manager resume.

The design of this senior manager resume for agricultural jobs is understated but still highly eye-catching. The green coloring is appropriate for his industry and the graphic in the top left corner drives home his industry expertise even further.

The design and content of this resume was carefully thought out to call out key points, make it easy for the reader to understand the primary selling points at a glance, and draw the eye along to the end of the resume.

Notice that in the left column of this agricultural manager resume, there is an italicized section for each position. This is what we would call a “snapshot” section and it is a professional resume writing technique that we often use at Distinctive Career Services. The content for the snapshot section is written to call out the “bottom-line” strategic impact that this manager had in each position. In other words, if you read nothing but this section, you would still come away with an understanding of the value this agricultural manager has to offer in the workplace.

ATS compatibility is a significant concern even for senior management and executive candidates, so you should give it careful strategic thought before deciding on a format that may not be ATS friendly. If you love a format such as the one used in this resume for agricultural jobs, there are strategies and workarounds to ensure your resume will perform well in an ATS. But it is critical that you work with a resume writer who has expertise in these strategies and workarounds. These are questions that we can advise you on when you become a client of Distinctive Career Services.

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