Example Program Manager Resume
Example Program Manager Resume

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Technical Program Manager Resume Project Brief

This client came to us with extensive program, project, and technology operations experience both in the private sector and the military and was exceptionally well qualified for director and VP-level positions. Unfortunately, his job titles didn’t reflect that and were holding him back prior to our complete overhaul and rewrite of his technical program manager resume.

Summary of Issues

Our Solutions

This example technical program manager resume was written to call out and really showcase the skills and experiences that were relevant for the higher-level positions our client was targeting.

Subtle resume strategies were used, such as deemphasizing his job titles by their placement and formatting. This allowed us to draw the eye and attention to the points we wanted the reader to notice and away from what we didn’t want them to notice.

As you can see from this technical program manager resume, when writing your resume it is important to focus on your program management experience and highlight any notable successes.

The Value-Offered Summary was a strategy we used to allow us to emphasize the relevant accomplishments that would have otherwise been lost in the text–likely on the second page of the resume.

The accomplishment statements all highlight the results of each accomplishment, proving that hiring this professional will produce a strong return on investment.

This client’s extensive military experience was summarized as it was quite old. However, we chose to include it because the client had some really impressive accomplishments during that time.

Also, consider that it is important to list your relevant skills and qualifications, including your experience with different program management tools and methodologies as well as any transferable skills.  This helps to ensure that all the most important keywords are included in your resume so that it will perform well when entered into an ATS. The keywords section that we included in the summary of this example program manager resume is one strategy for working keywords into your resume.

Finally, it is always smart to customize your resume for each position you apply for, tailoring it to match the specific requirements of the role and we advised this client on how to customize the master resume we created for him.

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