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Cover Letter Writing

Cover letters and cover letter writing are often misunderstood topics. A cover letter to introduce yourself and align your skills with employers’ needs are a necessity in the job search. Job search letters are also needed for many other job search activities such as networking, cold calling, following up on referrals, introducing yourself to recruiters, and more. Learn tips and tricks for cover letter writing on our blog.

8 Expert Tips for How To Write a Cover Letter That Stands Out

As the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Many job seekers find the question of how to write a cover letter a vexing one.  But it is also an important one! A cover letter is your introduction

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Get The Job Offer: 7 Action Steps To Take After The Job Interview

You did it!  You landed the interview for the job of your dreams!  Okay, maybe it "just a job", but it was important enough for you to suit up and show up, right?  So you clearly have some interest in getting it. Now that

Tips for Thanking People Who Help You in Your Job Search

Some call it networking, others say it’s whom you know. No matter how you slice it, it’s common in a job search to receive job leads, referrals, or references from others. And when you land that job, it’s proper business etiquette to thank those

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