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Do you need to write or update your resume and don’t know where to start?  Are you searching for inspirational resume examples? Or for good examples of resumes that will help you know how to word your resume, how to format it, or how to deal with some problem in your career history?

You aren’t alone in your struggles. Writing a great resume is hard! Just listing your qualifications and writing about your job responsibilities, soft skills, and work history is NOT enough. You have only seconds to get the attention of hiring managers and you are competing against hordes of other job hunters. You simply can’t afford to make anything less than the best first impression with your resume.

Each and every sample resume in our portfolio was written by a professional resume writer and gives job seekers at all professional levels examples of resume formats, designs, and styles. These include chronological resumes, functional resumes, and hybrid resumes. These examples of excellent resumes also show professional wording for resumes for a variety of professional levels, job functions, and industries.

Professional Resume Examples From Our Portfolio


Please remember that each of these example resumes and other career documents are protected by copyright and may not be copied. Also, when you hire us to write your resume, please feel free to share with us any examples that especially caught your eye. But remember, your resume should be designed to showcase the unique factors that set you apart from your competitors in the job market. This means that the format you have grown to “love” might not be the best format for you. Before we write your resume, we will consult with you and apply our expertise in creating a resume design and format that matches your personal brand while also showcasing the key selling points unique to your background.

More About Our Resume Examples

We write resumes for students, entry-level, and blue-collar employees, supervisor resume examples, manager resume examples, all the way up to top executives, including CEOs, COOs, and CFOs. You will find amazing corporate resume examples from all levels in our portfolio, right up to the most senior executive resume samples. Our resume writing samples include diverse professions such as auto techniciansaccountantsbusiness analystsbusiness development executivesengineers, management consultants, administrative support professionals, legal professionals, nonprofit leaders, salessales managerstechnology/IT professionalsfinance professionalscustomer service resumes, and many more.

In our portfolio of strong resume examples, no matter what type of resume you need, you can find inspiration and ideas on how to handle a variety of problems and challenges. For example, we’ve included resumes for making a complete career change, handling multiple objectives, formatting multiple jobs in the same company, and dealing with a history of job-hopping.

Click through on each sample resume to learn more about the strategy that was used in writing the resume. Many also describe best practices for resume writing in 2020 and beyond. Please use these sample resumes as inspirational only. Do not copy them. Resumes are written for unique individuals and you and your career deserve a unique, custom-written resume that is yours alone. If you are looking for resume templates to help you with the design, you can find them here.

We Are Here to Help You!

If you are looking for help writing your resume, we invite you to set up a free consultation. We’ll be happy to discuss your situation, answer your questions about working with professional resume writers, and provide a customized quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these resume examples free?

Yes, the resume examples are free to review and learn from. However, it’s important to note that each resume example was created for a real job seeker client of Distinctive Career Services. As such, the examples are protected by copyright and should not be copied.

Who created the resume examples in this portfolio?

Some of the resume examples were created by Michelle Dumas, the founder and CEO of Distinctive Career Services, the others by the Distinctive Career Services’ team of certified resume writers. With decades of experience, numerous national awards for resume writing, and extensive credentials, Michelle is one of the industry’s most respected leaders and foremost experts. The Distinctive Career Services’ team is comprised of the industry’s top professional resume writers, LinkedIn writers, and career coaches. This team, under Michelle’s oversight, collaborates to deliver top-notch quality and service for every client, creating powerful, engaging resumes and other career marketing documents that are infused with the client’s brand and tell compelling career stories. You can learn more about Distinctive Career Services here.

What is the right length for a resume?

The ideal length for a resume varies based on your career history and the position you’re applying for. Typically, early-career professionals might have a one-page resume, while those with extensive experience might require two or more pages. It’s essential to ensure that the content is relevant, concise, and presents your qualifications effectively, regardless of length. The sample resumes in this portfolio include resumes of varying lengths.

Can you provide a resume example from a specific job or industry?

Unfortunately, no. While Distinctive Career Services has worked with well over 10,000 job seekers across virtually every industry and job type, we cannot provide specific examples. Before releasing any example, we thoroughly remove identifying information to ensure our clients’ privacy, which is a time-consuming process. The resume examples in the portfolio are meant to showcase the quality and style of our work, which is true regardless of the clients’ industry or profession. If our examples inspire you, we hope you will contact us to learn more about our professional resume-writing services.

Can these example resumes be purchased as templates?

Yes, some of the resume examples have been transformed into premium Microsoft Word resume templates. These templates are available for purchase through Distinctive Resume Templates, a division of Distinctive Career Services. This service caters to DIY job seekers looking for professionally designed resume templates to enhance their job applications.

Why are these resume examples important for job seekers?

Reviewing these resume examples can provide job seekers with inspiration and guidance on how to word, format, and structure their own resumes. They serve as benchmarks of quality and professionalism, helping candidates understand what makes a resume stand out. Of course, we hope that reviewing these example resumes and seeing the quality of our work will inspire you to contact us to learn more about getting our expert help writing your resume.

What types of resume formats are showcased in the examples?

The portfolio includes various resume formats, such as chronological resumes, functional resumes, and hybrid resumes. These examples cater to different professional levels, job functions, and industries.

Are the examples in your portfolio based on modern resume design best practices?

Yes, the examples in our portfolio are crafted based on modern resume design best practices, ensuring a balance between visual appeal and ATS compatibility. Our designs aim to make a strong first impression, as research indicates the critical importance of initial impressions in the job application process.

Are the example resumes in the portfolio ATS compatible?

Yes, with a few exceptions, most of the example resumes in our portfolio are ATS-friendly. Job seekers must have an ATS-compatible resume, as many employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen resumes. An ATS-friendly resume ensures that the content is accurately entered into and can be effectively recalled from the system, increasing the chances of the resume making it to the next stage of the hiring process. Our designs and content strategies prioritize ATS compatibility while maintaining a professional and visually appealing presentation.