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Project Brief: Example Nonprofit Resume for a Nonprofit Executive

This example nonprofit resume for a nonprofit executive targeting executive director or operations management roles shows that writing a nonprofit resume is not all that different from writing any executive resume for a for-profit corporate role.

When you write any resume, it is essential that you keep the needs of your intended reader in mind. For example, if you are targeting an executive role at a not-for-profit organization, it is likely that the board of directors might be vetting candidates. What will be of greatest interest to them? This is an important question to ask yourself because you will want your nonprofit resume to address those needs.

For example, maybe the nonprofit organization is in deep need of an organizational refresh and financial improvement. Maybe it is in need of more financial donors. Maybe the organization needs to improve efficiency and cut costs. Whatever that need is, you should write your nonprofit resume to show how you are the perfect executive candidate to deliver.

Other concerns specific to writing a nonprofit resume might be:

  • Do you have expertise in working on specific causes relevant to the nonprofit you are targeting? If so, showcase this.
  • Do you have experience working for other nonprofits with a similar mission? If yes, make this clear.
  • Do you have experience with grant writing or fundraising?
  • Do you have any accomplishments associated with growing membership of a nonprofit?
  • How about recruiting and managing a volunteer workforce?
  • Have you had prior experience reporting to and working in collaboration with a board of directors?
  • Have you ever launched new programs or services?
  • Do you have any experience with public relations, community relations, or government relations?
  • Have you built any public-private partnerships?

Like all executive resumes, you will want to write your nonprofit resume to tell the story of your career achievements. A good model for writing your success stories is the CAR approach. This example nonprofit resume uses the CAR resume writing approach. As you write your career stories, include as many quantified accomplishments as possible.

While the visual design and appearance of your nonprofit resume is critically important, you should also make sure your resume is keyword-optimized and ATS-friendly. The example nonprofit resume shown here meets all of these criteria.

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