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Project Brief: Example Product Manager Resume

This example product manager resume is a powerful example of how having your resume professionally written can make a huge, positive difference. The team of professional resume writers at Distinctive Career Services has the expertise to help you identify your career accomplishments and communicate your career stories of success in product management positions. These success stories are what will get you noticed, land you interviews, and ultimately win you the best product management jobs over your competition.

Many people make the mistake of thinking their resume is an autobiographical document. It isn’t. The best resumes are personal marketing documents that promote you as the perfect candidate for the job. What makes you the perfect candidate for the job?  Simply put, it is your ability to add value to a company and do so in a way that is more profitable that your competition. Your resume success stories are a compelling way to show how you have produced value for past employers and therefore have the proven potential to do so for future employers.

Yet, as shown by this professionally written product manager resume, it is the quantified results in your resume that make the difference between an average resume and a powerful one.

For example, just stating that, as a product manager, you increased sales is not particularly helpful. But including the numbers to “prove” this statement transforms it and gives your product manager resume instant credibility.

Consider the difference between the statement

“Launched new products and increased sales.”


“Produced $25 million new sales from 4 products launched in 3 years.”

This is the difference that working with a professional resume writer can make.

Other Considerations for Your Product Manager Resume

One of the most important factors in writing a resume is the focus. It is critically important that the moment a hiring manager glances at your resume, they understand the focus of the resume. In other words…

who are you?

what do you offer them? and

how will you fit in their company (are you a viable candidate for the product manager job they are trying to fill)?

This example product manager resume is well-focused. The moment you look at it, you know from the focus headline and professional summary/career highlights section exactly who this candidate is and what they offer.

The body of the resume is equally powerful and compelling. Through engaging resume job descriptions and selected accomplishments, the resume writer has reinforced the resume focus and communicated that this person is exceptionally well qualified for director-level product management.

Professionals who work in product management jobs are responsible for understanding and defining the needs of the customers, establishing a vision for new products and enhancements to existing products, and for developing a product roadmap.  They are oftentimes responsible for issues relating to market research, pricing, delivery, engineering changes, time to market, and quality. This example product manager resume addresses all these issues and more, and provides concrete examples of the ways in which previous work in these areas has produced value.

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