Hiring resume writing help

You Consult a Pro for Everything Else in Your Life

  • When you are sick, you go to the doctor.
  • When it’s time to pay your taxes, you go to an accountant or tax service.
  • When you need legal advice, you go to a lawyer.
  • When your car breaks down, you bring it to an automotive technician.

But hiring resume writing help? You may never have even thought of it.

You know the ideal job is out there for you, though you cannot seem to get past the trash bin at most companies. Why?

Very likely, your resume is not passing the test. You are creative, dynamic, an asset to the company, but no one knows it or sees it. Why? Your resume is bland, dry, cookie-cutter…it’s boring!

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Technology Sales Resume ExampleTechnology Sales Resume Example

You Are an Expert in Your Field: Let an Expert Writer Market You

You have expert skills and talents but you are not an expert writer. Professional resume writing services can help you get the looks and nods to move to the interview stage. A future filled with career possibilities and potential awaits you.

Most Employers Like Professionally Written Resumes

That is because professionally written resumes give hiring managers a fast, efficient, and effective way to determine how you will help their company. It actually makes their job easier.

Professional resume writers know how to position you as the solution to the employers’ problems, capable of delivering a higher return on their investment in hiring you than your competitor will return.

When you hire professional resume writing services, employers take notice of the formatting and can easily key in on your skills and strengths like a bee finding a flower to pollinate. It is exact and precise.

Software Engineer Resume ExampleSoftware Engineer Resume Example
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Resume Experts Get to the Meat of You

The top pros are schooled in formats ranging from reverse chronological, functional, hybrid, and everything in between. Hiring an expert can ensure that your resume is converted appropriately for each complex and differing situation.

Expert resume writers know keywords and how to place them in your resume so your resume will perform well in applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Many folks do not know how to objectively promote their skills and talents. Hiring resume writing help can provide guidance on how to select and highlight your most marketable skills without overselling you to the point of being obnoxious.

Resume pros are skilled at uncovering the stories of success delivered for past employers. They can present these stories in succinct ways within the resume, to make you memorable to the employer and help the employer make a connection between your past accomplishments and their current needs.

You may find it difficult to recognize your accomplishments while resume writers often have questionnaires, interview strategies, and brainstorming techniques that get to know you and promote the right way.

Money Well Spent on Resume Writing Help

Look at hiring a resume writing service as an investment. Like any investment, it is all about the returns. You want the largest return for your investment. This means that once you land that job and work for a short time, the service has probably paid for itself. Is that not worth the price?

Resume Writing Services is Serious Business

Do not gamble with your livelihood or give a half-hearted effort on an attempt to write your own cover letter and resume. You will go unnoticed in today’s increasingly competitive job market.

When you hire resume writing help, services usually include:

  1. Understanding what employers are seeking
  2. Uncovering your most marketable skills and value proposition
  3. Conducting an objective analysis on how to package you for the greatest impact
  4. Ensuring that your resume includes the most essential keywords
  5. Identifying and presenting your accomplishments
  6. Writing your resume with powerful, compelling, and clear language
  7. Designing an eye-catching layout and format
  8. Polishing your resume through editing, writing, and rewriting

Working with a professional resume service is a collaborative process, but the firm will do all the labor intensive work to get a great finished product.

What You Get for Your Money

Hiring resume writing help will make you the immediate beneficiary of their expert writing skills, the objective focus for your situation, and knowledge that comes with writing resumes every day to make a living.

  • You spend less time job searching
  • You put your best foot forward for every opportunity
  • You get a clear competitive edge

Invaluable experience and knowledge that has worked for others in the past will work for you. You just need to tap into resume writing services for your next job search. The result will be a resume that opens the doors to better job opportunities, in a shorter time frame, with the potential for a higher salary package.

Finally, you will learn all about how to brand yourself to leverage your career for years to come. You trust your health, children, finances, and more to the care of others, trust Distinctive Career Services to write your resume today. The future you is waiting!

Get started today by booking a free consultation with us.  We’ll discuss your needs with you and answer all your questions.

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