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With the advent and expansion into popular culture of online job searching in the early 21st century, job searching changed forever.  The tips, tricks, and advice for online job searching on our blog, will help you optimize your online job searching skills.

Harness the Power of ChatGPT & AI in Your Job Search

In today's digitally-powered world, job hunting can be an intimidating task. The internet is flooded with job search engines, career sites, and recruitment platforms that offer thousands of opportunities. Job-searching advice, some of it questionable and much of it contradictory, can be found everywhere,

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Is a Recruiter Distribution of My Resume Right for My Job Search?

This is a common question at Distinctive Career Services. But even though introducing yourself and networking with recruiters is a good investment for almost every job hunter, providing reassurance that a recruiter distribution will reap immediate results is far less clear cut or predictable.

How To Protect Your Privacy and Security When Job Searching Online

It's said that technology is designed to simplify our daily lives.  Cell phones, tablets, eReaders, and Bluetooth devices are among the many communication tools we use to help make life easier. For some of us that works; others are left to ask how things

How To Prepare For A Virtual Job Interview

Virtual job interviews. We originally published this article in 2012. Virtual interviewing was a novelty back then. Today, it is a common practice, and this was true even before the COVID-19 pandemic. It was far past time for us to update the tips in

5 Expert Tips for Professional Networking on LinkedIn

Professional networking online has its unique set of challenges. Generally, it's relatively harder to build personal connections when you don’t have the advantage of face to face meetings. However, LinkedIn offers some golden opportunities to help you create a network that can propel your

10 Online Networking Tips to Help Your Virtual Self Get the Job You Want

There’s a saying that goes, “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you and what you can do.” And in today’s world, online networking through social media channels provides an invaluable way for you to gain that type of visibility. You can use

Tips to Build Your Social Media Presence So Recruiters Find You Easily

Is a robust social media presence helpful when job searching? The answer is an indisputable YES. Recruiters.  Whether in-house HR recruiters or third-party recruiting firms, many employers use them, rely on them, depend on them to source the best available candidates for job openings.

How-to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Multimedia Career Portfolio

Once upon a time, conducting a job search was relatively straightforward: You'd ask friends and acquaintances if they knew of any openings, peruse the classified ads section of the local newspaper, and send resumes along with a good cover letter. In 1996, when Distinctive Career

15 Easy Action Steps To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Today

LinkedIn is the top social networking website for jobseekers. LinkedIn launched in May of 2003, 9 months before Facebook, making it the oldest social network still in use today. Known as the "professional networking site" LinkedIn claims somewhere near 738 million members as of

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How Recruiters Use Social Media In Making Recruiting & Hiring Decisions

Gone are the days when social media was a "new-fangled" concept. With close to 3.6 billion people on social media today, it should come as no surprise that 70% of employers use social media when screening potential employees. But, how recruiters use social media

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