Resume Design Tips to Create a Graphic Resume

Should you create an infographic resume?

A reader asks: I see more and more infographic resume examples among your published samples, and have noticed that you are even using more infographic elements in the design of more traditional resumes.  Is this something you recommend? Do employers like this and do these infographic resumes really work in the job market? Should I consider transforming and modernizing my own resume with infographic elements? Do you have any resume design tips for me?

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(A Reader)

This resume design tips question is one that I have answered in detail in this article published on LinkedIn’s Pulse Network: 5 Expert Tips to Modernize the “Look and Feel” of Your Executive Resume

In the article, I am specifically addressing the use of infographic resumes by executive job seekers, but the principles and reasons for using infographic elements in your resume carry over to job seekers of all levels.

Research tells us that we only have about 15 seconds of interacting with a stranger before they form an opinion of us and approximately 70% of that impression is based on appearance.

Whether we like it or not, appearance counts and attractive packaging helps sell.

Marketers will tell you that if you are selling a product, one of the best forms of advertising is the packaging that holds your product.

I believe that the same is true about the eye-appeal of a resume. In many ways, you can think of a resume as the packaging that advertises you.

Marketing professionals seem to be coming to the same conclusion. The use of visuals in marketing and literature is increasing exponentially in recent years.

Why is this? Well, the simple fact is that humans are visually wired. And graphics and other visuals help us cope with information overload. Not only do our brains register graphics 60,000X faster than text, but graphics are also more memorable. Research has shown while we remember on average only 20% of what we read and 10% of what we hear, we remember 80% of what we see.

Yes, the visual eye appeal of your resume matters and infographic resumes are getting a remarkably positive response in the job market. If you are interested in really standing out and getting positive attention in the job market, you may wish to consider an infographic resume, or at least a resume that includes some graphical elements such as charts, graphs, and callouts.

For much more information, click through to read 5 Expert Tips to Modernize the “Look and Feel” of Your Executive Resume

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