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Human Resources Resume Project Brief

This human resources resume for an HR manager showcases the importance of including results in a resume–ideally quantified results. It is absolutely essential that you include accomplishments, but you provide additional context, meaning, and credibility to your accomplishments when you include numbers that illustrate the results and value you have provided.

This human resources resume was written using a somewhat unique format. The accomplishments and results are called out in a table format (it is important to note that the way these tables are structured is ATS-friendly). And the end result is a really powerful resume in which the eye is drawn to the key points.

Of particular note, a result that will be especially persuasive and compelling in an HR resume is showcased in the summary section, using a shaded callout box: “Repeatedly delivered value to employers in excess of 10X salary…”. This is an especially compelling statistic for an employer seeking strong ROI.

Including statistics in this way helps “prove” your ability to add value that exceeds the investment that an employer makes in hiring you. This is an essential point that you must understand: employers don’t just hire employees “because.” They hire employees because they have a problem they want solved, a challenge they want to overcome, or a goal they want to achieve. Most frequently, employers want to know how you can help them make money or save money.

Writing your human resources resume to show how you add value that will directly impact the bottom line will ensure you stand out and pique the interest of potential employers.

An added bonus of placing so much emphasis on your value add: you gain a competitive advantage and strengthen your desirability to employers and many times this results in a salary offering higher than you would otherwise have received.

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