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Job search adviceJob searching is a numbers game. The more contacts you make, the more resumes you put into the hands of hiring authorities, and the more face-to-face interviews you go on, the faster you will achieve your job target. Even if you don’t see immediate results you must persevere. But, if after a reasonable amount of time a technique isn’t working for you, adapt and modify your strategy to maintain momentum and your motivation. On a regular basis, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my resume generating the type of response I had hoped for?
  • Am I pleased with the results of my networking activities? Am I receiving leads and referrals?
  • Are recruiters responding to me, expressing interest, and sending me on interviews?
  • Have my direct contact efforts been successful in opening doors to companies I am interested in?
  • Have I been receiving phone calls and interviews in response to ads I have answered?
  • Have the websites I have been visiting been yielding a satisfactory number of appropriate listings?
  • What job search activities have been most successful for me?
  • Are there job search techniques that I haven’t tried yet that I should try?