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You've Lost Your Job, Now What? An Emergency Action Guide
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  • What to expect emotionally and 7 tips for rising above your loss

  • Expert advice on cultivating a positive and resilient mindset and 4 beautifully designed, printable daily affirmations to help you shift your mindset

  • Worksheets and planning tools to help you get your finances under control. PLUS information specific to the COVID-19 crisis and the CARES Act on claiming the benefits available to you.

  • Is it time for a change? Tips on moving forward and maintaining career momentum. PLUS a section on starting your own business or freelance gig

  • 12 productive things you can do while you are unemployed (even if you are social distancing)

Timeless Advice For When You Lost Your Job

My overall impression of your service is outstanding. Your staff was friendly, the service prompt, and the resume quality was excellent. I mailed out four resumes and was invited for four interviews. One of my interviewers, the one whose offer I did accept, said that this was the best put together resume that he had ever seen…

D.R., Michigan

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