Guaranteed Ways To Get You Motivated and Moving To Land A Job Faster

You get up, go to work, push around some papers, go to lunch, attend some meetings, then go home. Do it all again the next day. Five days a week. You realize that you need something else in your work life, something to inspire you, to challenge you, to make you want to go to work.

It can be difficult finding that motivation to search for and land a job that you want, but here are a few tips that can help you in your quest:

    • Make a to do list: Before you can land that job, you need to figure out what that entails. A simple, easy, yet productive way to begin your job search is to create a to do list of the tasks you need to accomplish. Jot down some points when they strike – you can tweak the list at any time, so it’s better to have more thoughts than less.

But when it comes time to analyze your list, keep the points short and sweet – while a short list may motivate you, a looong list can de-motivate you. The points should be desired and attainable with relative ease.

    • Create annoyances: This may sound like an odd way to motivate yourself, but think about it – when do you fix that leaky faucet? When the dripping is too much. When do you oil that squeaky door?

When the noise is unbearable. Being comfortable in a situation makes us complacent, so annoying yourself – or asking someone else to annoy you – can be a unique but necessary motivator to land a job you want.

What kind of annoyances might these be? Maybe simple but constant reminders scheduled on a computer or mobile device about the tasks on your to do list, gentle but regular questions from family and friends about how you are going to land that job.

These annoyances won’t take much time but can do the trick to keep you both motivated and accountable.

    • Reward yourself: You created a list and you have started completing the items on it. Others are helping you be accountable. What else can motivate you? A simple reward system! Who doesn’t like a reward, a treat for completing a job, or in this case, the tasks you need to complete to land a job?

While the previous point is about negative consequences, this point is about creating a positive consequence – a balance of good and bad can open the door to your new workplace destiny.

    • Dream a little dream: If you are still having a bit of trouble focusing your energy to stay motivated and land a job, try sitting down and dreaming a little…imagine your ultimate – yet still realistic – job. Where is it located? What are your responsibilities?

Are you a senior in the position, or perhaps a manager? Maybe a different position altogether? Now realize that you can make this dream come true, but you have to work at it, hunt it down, to get it.

Jobs don’t typically land in your lap, but you can change that dream into the goal to land a job you really want.

Being stuck in a rut can be a heavy factor that prevents you from getting motivated to land a job, but with some hard work, and perhaps a little help from your friend,s you can make that dream a reality. Go get it!

About the Author: Michelle Dumas

Michelle Dumas is the founder and CEO of Distinctive Career Services, one of the internet's longest-standing and most respected professional resume writing firms. Michelle is a 6X certified and 7X award-winning resume writer and career consultant. To learn more about the services offered by Distinctive Career Services visit

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