Interview Essentials: What You Must Know


A great cover letter, recommendation, or resume might get you in the door, but it’s the interview that will keep you there.  A prospective employer wants to know that you are not only qualified, but that you’re a good fit for the company.

These essential tips will help you hone your interviewing skills, so you can be sure to show exactly why you’re perfect for the job.

Know the company

Chances are you’ve already learned some basic facts about the company through the application process.  Now you need to develop those facts into a knowledge base that will prepare you to work there.  Learn all you can about the company’s position in the industry and where it fits in with current trends.  Research the position you hope to fill.

Is it a new position?  What unique qualifications do you bring?  What will be expected of you?  If it’s an existing position, try to find out why the person currently in the role is leaving.  Finally, learn about the interviewer and the person who will be your boss.

The more you know, the easier it will be for you to prepare stories from your own experience that will illustrate why you are right for the job.


Know your value

Interviewing is about showing what makes you stand out above all the other applicants for a position.  Take the time to prepare good answers to commonly asked interview questions.  Go beyond canned answers to really show the value you bring to the company.

Prepare stories from your past experience that show why hiring you would be a good investment.  When preparing these stories, think about times when you saved your employer money, solved a serious problem, or helped the company innovate.


So much emphasis is placed on giving the right answer in an interview, that sometimes we miss the question.  Listen to the interviewer with fresh ears, as if you know nothing about the company.  This will help you appear empathetic and show that you actually care about what the person has to say.

It also gives you the opportunity to ask clarifying questions along the way and really engage in a conversation about the position.

If you have a chance to practice interviewing, be sure to practice listening at the same time.

Be professional

The image you project in an interview is sure to stick in the interviewer’s mind when making a decision, so make you dress professionally, be polite, and show your mastery of the language of business.  It is important to project professionalism both before and after the interview.

Long before interviewing you need to take the time to consider how “your brand” might appear to others.  Do any of your social networking sites give a negative impression?

If so, delete comments, remove photos, update privacy settings, and whatever else might need to be done to present the image you want employers to see.  After the interview, be sure to send a thank you note highlighting your unique qualifications.


Be yourself

It’s often said that people don’t hire resumes; they hire people.  The interview is your opportunity to let companies know who you are and why you’re right for them.  You’ve worked hard to create an image, but if that image isn’t true to who you are, that will be painfully obvious in an interview.

With careful preparation, including research, good listening skills, and a professional attitude, you will be  sure to leave a positive impression on interviewers, and stand out among your competition as the best fit for the job.

Hone your interview skills with these essential job interview tips to make sure you show your employer exactly why you are perfect for the job. Download the PDF here.