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Expecting to Find a Job? Manage Your Expectations & Get Hired More Quickly

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Expecting to Find a Job

Are you conducting a search to find a job? It's said that satisfaction is a function of expectation, that your level of satisfaction is largely determined by how far from the expected outcome you end up.  This could apply to a relationship, your finances, your favorite team's playoff hopes, even whether you find a job. // //

Job Hunting Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make: Why You Didn’t Get Hired For The Job

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Why You Didn’t Get Hired For The Job

Searching for a job is hard work. No matter if you're unemployed or working but testing the market to see if there is indeed greener grass elsewhere, exercising the patience, vigilance and creativity necessary to successfully find a job isn't easy. In addition to making sure you do all the right things, there are also

Timeless Tips To Find a Job Quickly

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Trying to find a job, as we've always advised you on this blog, is a job in itself. Job searching take time and effort--sometimes a great deal of time and effort. Much has changed throughout the years regarding the actual techniques of job searching, but much also remains the same. Here are several tips that

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