What is your philosophy for resume development?

We think of a resume as a self-marketing document. It is essentially an advertisement that communicates your qualifications and the value that you would bring to a prospective employer or client through your ability to solve their problems and deliver a return on their investment

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I am a new college graduate (or a student about to graduate) is it worth the investment for me to have my resume professionally written?

How much money did you or your parents just spend on your new degree? $40,000? $50,000? $60,000? $80,000? More? Let me ask you…do you think it is unreasonable to ask you to invest a few hundred dollars promoting that degree? Professional assistance is the sure

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Do you offer payment plans?

At the time of the service booking, you will be offered a two-installment payment plan. This must be set up at the time of the booking (it can not be done retroactively).  This route allows you to begin the process–perhaps even complete it if you

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How is payment made?

We offer two payment options. 1) In full at the time of the booking or 2) To accommodate your budget, for a small convenience charge we accept 50% at the time of the booking and 50% charged automatically 30 days later via Visa, MasterCard, Discover or

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