In nearly all cases, your first proof will be ready for you to review within 10-15 business days of the day we receive your completed worksheet.*

We work on projects in the order they are received. When we receive your completed career insights intake worksheet we schedule your project for completion in the order that it was returned to us and immediately email you to inform you of the schedule.

We have always emphasized quality over quantity and believe that “rush job” resumes will sacrifice quality.

Because we are almost always booked “solid” we are unable to accommodate requests for rush orders. We encourage you to plan ahead and begin working with us before there is an urgent need for a resume.

In short: Quality simply can’t be rushed and we have consciously chosen to focus on providing top-quality services rather than the cheap, high-volume model followed by some of our competitors.

Our services are best for those who are planning ahead and who value quality and personal service over a “rush job.”

* During high-volume times we may need to extend turnaround slightly, but we only do this when we have no other choice (we will NOT sacrifice quality just to rush a project), and we will do our best to let you know if this is a possibility at the time you return the worksheet, so you can plan appropriately.