We think of a resume as a self-marketing document. It is essentially an advertisement that communicates your qualifications and the value that you would bring to a prospective employer or client through your ability to solve their problems and deliver a return on their investment in hiring you. Furthermore, you only have 15 – 30 seconds to convey this value and to capture the reader’s attention, convincing them that your resume is worth reading in more detail, or that they should call you for an interview. Clear, succinct writing is essential. Knowing what to include and how to present it is part of our craft. We begin each resume from scratch and develop a strategy that best portrays your experience in conjunction with your career objective.

With the above in mind, and a goal of achieving the best results possible, every resume that leaves our office incorporates the following:

1) Immediately discernible focus and value proposition.
2) Emphasis on benefits and results rather than just tasks and responsibilities.
3) Clear demonstration of why the employer needs you, how you can satisfy those needs, and that you have superior ability to meet those needs.
4) Dynamic and compelling yet succinct writing style to sustain reader interest.
5) Visually attractive design to set your resume apart in the stacks and draw the eye to key qualifications.