Once you approve the final proof, we will finalize the project and email you the document in two formats:

  • Microsoft Word file (unprotected – you can make changes yourself in the future, if you wish)
  • PDF file (you would need the free Adobe viewer to access this file)

Essentially, we provide you with ALL the document source files and formats you will need for a successful job search. Unlike some service providers, we don’t nickel-and-dime you with all sorts of unexpected charges. Our top priority and our entire mission is centered on helping you achieve your career goals…and we make sure you have ALL the tools you need to make this happen!

Note that in the past, we also provided documents as plain ASCII text. While this format was useful in the past, for a modern job search, this format is rarely, if ever, needed. However, if you do find you need it, ask us, and we will happily provide it.