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Simple Steps To Improve Your Online Personal Brand And Propel Your Career Forward

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Branding.  Long a buzzword used to describe the marketing of products, services and organizations, "branding" is now applicable to the individual as well.  In fact, in a world where interpersonal communication is dominated by social media, your online personal brand ultimately defines who you are to everyone outside of your immediate social circle.  If you

Tips to Advance Your Career by Optimizing Your Online Presence

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Tips to Advance Your Career by Optimizing Your Online Presence

Networking used to mean lots of face-to-face time meeting people at workshops and conventions, making calls, handing out business cards, and asking friends for introductions. While this is still true, the social web has added many new ways to build and cultivate your network.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest make it easy to make

Career Trends that Job Seeking Professionals Need To Know

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In a battered, slowly recovering economic environment, job seeking probably occurs more frequently than is desirable.  While it is useful for qualified professionals to seek improvement of their career status in any economy, current realities have often put people out of work or drawn to a standstill opportunities for advancement.  As these conditions slowly change

Tips for Writing a Branded Resume

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Q. How are resumes different now than in the past? If you had one piece of advice to bring my resume up to current standards, what would it be? A. There are actually many differences because styles and trends for resumes are changing all the time. However, I would say that the most fundamental difference

How-to Easily Create a Compelling, Branded Elevator Pitch for Your Job Search

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// // The elevator pitch. You are probably familiar with the term. It is most commonly used to describe the concise 60-second speech that business owners and executives, as well as salespeople, use to describe their business, product, or service to others. More importantly, it is a speech that is delivered in a compelling way

5 Insider Secrets to Ramp Up Your Job Search By Incorporating Your Personal Brand

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// // When you think about your next career move, how would things be different for you if you were HUNTED rather than being the HUNTER? Personal branding (the process of clarifying and communicating what makes you and your unique value proposition different and special) allows you to make a name for yourself. It differentiates

Your Value Proposition – The Key to Getting Job Interviews

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// // In my business, before I develop and write a resume, I require my clients to complete a fairly comprehensive questionnaire. When these questionnaires are returned to me, I am frequently frustrated by incomplete answers...sometimes just a few sentences to describe five, ten, fifteen years of experience! These clients assume that I have written

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