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Professional resume writers have real, measurable value to offer you, the career professional. No CEO would ever consider going to market with a multimillion-dollar product without enlisting the marketing and copywriting help of experts. But that is exactly what you are doing when you attempt to compete in the job market with a self-written resume.

Hiring a professional resume writer could be one of the most important investments you ever make for your career. That is my advice!

But in the meantime, here are some articles revealing my trade secrets as a professional resume writer that will help transform your resume from a bland snoozer of an autobiography into a compelling, persuasive, powerful marketing pitch.

How To Get Your Resume Past An Applicant Tracking System & Into The Hands of Hiring Authorities

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The Internet has significantly altered the job search landscape.  Easy online availability of  information about industries, professions and companies have created a very small world, essentially rendering physical distance irrelevant when it comes to looking for employment. // Whorush: 9 sites by this AdSense ID // Now, someone in Los Angeles can not only find about a job opening in

Submitting a Resume Is Not Enough: Don’t Just Wait For The Phone To Ring. Follow Up!

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Now what? You've had Distinctive Career Services develop a terrific resume for you. You put it where it counts. Now what? Is it smart to follow-up, and when is it overkill? You first have to assess the total situation. Different situations prompt different responses. A small business handles pretty much the whole process in the

How to Create Internet-Ready Resume Video and How to Use Them

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What exactly is meant by the phrase internet-ready resume? If you are confused by the many different types of resumes required for an internet job search -- email resumes, scannable resumes, keyword resumes, text resumes, ASCII resumes, PDF resumes, Word resumes, and traditional resumes--you definitely aren't alone! Using the internet in your job search is

Video Tips on Resume Writing

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Video Tips on Resume Writing 2

// // If you are currently looking for a job, it' s foolhardy to use a less-than-perfect resume.  These video tips will help you to strengthen and improve your resume to be as competitive as possible in a job market that is overflowing with qualified candidates. What are 5 resume essentials summarized in this video?

Is the Functional Resume Format Right for You?

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Very frequently we have clients come to us asking about having a functional resume written. Most often, after discussing the reasons why they may want a functional resume, we advise the client against one. While a functional resume can be beneficial and effective in some  situations, you must be very strategic and think carefully about

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