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Online Job Searching

With the advent and expansion into popular culture of online job searching in the early 21st century, job searching changed forever.  The tips, tricks, and advice for online job searching on our blog, will help you optimize your online job searching skills.

Land a New Job in 2021 – A Checklist of Job Hunting Tips for the New Year

As we begin 2021, the employment market couldn't look any different than it did a year ago. Few could have predicted a global pandemic

13 Tips for Choosing Your LinkedIn Profile Photo (and Why You Need One!)

Your profile photo on LinkedIn is VERY important. Did you know that profiles with photos attract between 50-70% more inquiries than profiles without

The Definitive Guide to Giving and Getting LinkedIn Recommendations

With all the changes to LinkedIn, one thing that never goes out of style is having people say nice things about you on your

Google Search Tips for Job Searching: Find What You Need When You Need It

"Google it"!  How often have you heard that? Whether it's to do some research, find directions, check showtimes or settle a bet, you've probably

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