12 Constructive Things To Do While You Are Unemployed (and Social Distancing)
  1. Work out regularly. If you have free time on your hands, spend it walking or try a new workout video. As you shape up your body, you’ll also find that exercise is a safe way to deal with the stress that comes with being unemployed.
  2. Appreciate nature. Enjoying the great outdoors can lift your spirits and boost your energy levels. Do some yard work. Take a nature hike on your own or bring your children along.
  3. Make a list of all your positives. Include all the things you like about yourself, all your skills, and all your best personality traits. Write about things you have done that you are proud of and all your accomplishments. Reread your list whenever you need to remind yourself of your strengths.
  4. Start a journal and write about your feelings. Journaling can be cathartic; the therapeutic benefits have been scientifically proven. Try writing about your feelings and all the worries you have. Journaling can help you to work through those negative thoughts and then release them. Also remember that you are living through historic times. Journaling will preserve the “unemployed and social distancing” experience if you wish to leave it for future generations.
  5. Organize your photos. Most of us have old photographs stored in a closet in addition to the thousands of digital photographs stored on our phone or computer. Use this time to go through them all, organize them, scan your originals, and make sure all of them are backed up and safe. Not to mention, going through old photos is a fun way to remind yourself that life has many stages, both ups and downs, and happier times come again.
  6. Read more. When is the last time you read a book for pleasure? Expand your mind by catching up on fiction and nonfiction titles. Many libraries have online e-book and audiobook lending programs. Or visit the Amazon Kindle store for the latest bestsellers or classics that you loved as a child.
  7. Clean house. Neat and orderly surroundings help to fight anxiety. Clear away the clutter that’s been building up in your closets and garage. Scrub your bathroom floor and air out your mattresses.
  8. Review your budget. Take a close look at your finances. Look for ways to cut costs on entertainment or utilities. Try using your hobby to earn some money by starting an online sideline business.
  9. Practice your faith. Find comfort and strength in your spiritual practice. It can help you to deal with the emotional and economic consequences of being jobless. Start a daily meditation practice. Many churches are holding online services and sponsoring Zoom prayer groups during the COVID-19 crisis. Browse online to find them.
  10. Take a course and build your professional skills. See what kinds of online classes are available. You could study coding or basic accounting, learn a new language, or study any other topic that interests you.
  11. Build your professional portfolio. Now is the time to polish your resume to make sure it stands out. Reach out to and conduct an informational interview with a thought leader in your field. Publish your work online or in an industry publication. Makeover your digital identity by updating your accomplishments and taking down any unflattering photos.
  12. Explore your options. Maybe you want to continue in your field or maybe you’re interested in taking another route. Review your experience and contacts with an eye as to how they could help you transition your career.
12 Constructive Things To Do While You Are Unemployed (and Social Distancing)

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