After Interview Thank You Letters
Thank You Letter After Job Interview Example
After Interview Thank You Letters

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There are many reasons to thank people who help you in a job search, but one of the most common “thank yous” that you will need to send, is a thank you after an interview. Of course, you know that you should write a thank you letter to the interviewer after a job interview, but how? What should be included in an after-interview thank you letter?

Use these example interview thank you letters to inspire you.

Sending a thank you letter is essential if you are serious about landing the job. Even though everyone knows they SHOULD send one, few people follow through and do so. Sending a prompt thank you (ideally within 24 hours) is a fabulous way to stand out and make a great first impression.

In a day and age when emails and texts are so common, a brief handwritten thank you note will really stand out. However, this may be too informal for many situations, especially when you have interviewed at a larger company. In these cases, a typed letter sent in the mail or via email is a better option. Again, we are so used to instant email that a letter arriving in the postal mail will differentiate you. However, the tradeoff is the speed of email, and a prompt thank you email is usually better than one arriving by mail a week later.

Generally, if you were interviewed by a group, it is best to send individual thank-you notes to each interviewer rather than send a group thank you.

Keep in mind that an interview thank you letter will be very specific and should be written to address the points discussed in the interview. This means that you will have to write every letter individually so that you can personalize it. But, you can save time by following the same basic format, customizing to the situation, as shown in these example after-interview thank you letters.

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