Michelle has spent years vetting and putting together a team of the industry’s most deeply credentialed and accomplished resume writers to deliver our resume preparation services. Each and every one of our writers holds at least one certification in resume writing and many hold more than one. These are certifications such as Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW), Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), and Master Resume Writer (MRW). Most of the writers also have credentials that include some combination of certification and training as vocational counseling, career coaching, personal branding coaching, and interview coaching.

The backgrounds of our writers range from small business settings to Fortune 500s and everything in between. While each writer has years and years of experience in resume writing, they also have experience that includes such fields as recruiting, human resources, and counseling.

When you return your worksheet, we review it to better understand your experience and career goals, and then we assign your project to the writer whose strengths are the best match for you.

As soon as we have made this determination, we send you an email confirmation that provides you with a brief bio on the writer you will be working with, along with their direct phone number and the email address at which you can reach them. We also let you know what to expect over the coming days as the writer works on your project and the exact date on which you can expect to receive the first proof of your project.

You can expect to hear directly from your writer in the first few days. While they probably won’t have questions for you that quickly, they will want to introduce themselves and start to establish a dialogue with you. You can be as involved or not as you wish, but we really do encourage you to reach out to the writer with any questions or with information that you think may help them in developing your resume. Again, you will be provided with both a phone number and an email address, and they would be happy to hear from you and speak to you at any point in the process.

We also “subscribe” to the theory that “two heads are better than one.” Unlike any of our competitors (that we are aware of), we have developed a process that ensures your final documents are of the absolute highest quality, created using the best possible strategy, and that they incorporate all of the very latest trends and expectations in the job market. While you will be working directly with your writer, behind the scenes Michelle Dumas oversees and supervises all the projects, consulting with writers and advising on content and design strategies. Additionally, a highly credentialed professional proofreader and editor (and accomplished resume writer with 30 years of experience and instructor in the resume writing industry) reviews and collaborates with writers on every project. This is a HUGE BENEFIT because it means that you actually have THREE of the industry’s most accomplished resume writers conferring and working together on your project.