We use a combination of techniques to gather information about your career goals and dreams, your professional experience, and your most important achievements.

Our career insights intake worksheet is the backbone of this process. The worksheet has been specifically designed and refined over the past 20+ years to extract not only the details of your career, but to distill information about your most important achievements and the value you have added in each position.

Once we receive the completed worksheet from you, we begin drafting your resume and then follow up with one-on-one email and/or telephone consultation with you to clarify issues and prompt your memory about additional accomplishments and qualifications.

The worksheet requires some thought and time on your part, but many clients tell us that this is a valuable experience for them, prompting them to think about their experiences in new ways and add focus to their career goals.

If you are comparing our services to others, be aware that some resume writing firms use worksheets ONLY and you will never have the opportunity for personal interaction with the writer. There are obvious problems with this method! Other firms use telephone interviews ONLY. While this may sound good, we have found that it is actually NOT the best way to gather the detailed and accurate information that we need as resume writers to do our jobs.

To write a truly excellent resume requires that you put some time and thought into gathering data, and sometimes this requires a bit of digging beyond what you remember “off the top of your head.” Our worksheet takes you by the hand and leads you step-by-step through this process. It gives you the time to make sure we have accurate data to work with rather than just what you “think you remember” in a telephone conversation. Once you have returned the completed worksheet to us and we begin working with what you gathered for us, we are in a much better position to ask you clarifying questions and dig for more information.