Absolutely! Just click here for examples of our resumes and other documents.

Our “who we are” page includes links to various books we have contributed to, as well. Numerous examples are included in these published books and can be viewed at your local library or bookstore.

Many resume writing firms will refuse to show you examples of their work. We suggest that you be very, very wary of this policy. They often cite concerns that potential customers will “steal” from them and copy their work and then never hire them. While there is some validity to this concern, we choose to believe that our customers are smarter than that and realize that copying a resume created for someone else is absolutely NOT the same thing as having a resume custom-written and created specifically for them.

Additionally, we can’t imagine hiring a firm to perform a highly specialized, creative service without first reviewing the quality and style of past work. All it takes is to call yourself a “resume writer” is to hang out a sign and say you are one. Skill and experience in the field is not a prerequisite, and as a result, there are many “fly by night” resume operations. If you are comparing our services to others we ask that besides considering professional associations and credentials (you will find that ours are unmatched), you also compare the quality of our work.

However, please do be aware that the samples on our website are meant only to demonstrate our writing style and quality. We do not provide specific samples on request. The fundamentals of good resume writing are the same for every profession. While there are nuances in design and presentation (resumes for a sales associate and a graphic design artist look very different, for example) what changes the most is the particular vocabulary for each profession. You are an expert on that and we have many sources if research is needed.