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Career Management

Career management is an ongoing, life-long process of investing in yourself to achieve your career goals. The career management process begins with setting career goals then continually working to advance and further your career goals. The articles on our blog will help you with all aspects of your career planning, goal setting, and ongoing career management.

21 Motivational Job Search Quotes for Frustrated Job Seekers

Even when unemployment is low and it is a job hunters’ market, some job searches are more challenging than others. You don’t want to just take any job. You want to find the right job. And sometimes it can take time to find the

12 Astonishingly Effective Ways to Lower Your Social Anxiety When Job Searching

If even the thought of job searching and all the networking it will require makes you feel anxious, you aren’t alone. Social anxiety when job searching is a problem for many people. If you’ve ever gone to an event requiring you to interact and

8 Ways to Find Clarity About Your Long Term Career Goals

Long-term career goals are like a compass. They help you focus on where you want to go long-term in your career and make positive progress on the road to get there. On the other hand, vague or unclear goals make achieving your long-term career

2023-10-23T17:06:48+00:00April 24th, 2022|Career Management|

5 Inspiring Reasons to Get Out of Your Career Rut

Are you feeling stuck in a career rut? Maybe your job is unfulfilling. Maybe it doesn’t pay enough. Maybe it isn’t flexible enough. Whatever the reason for your career rut, you aren’t alone. In 2017, a Gallup poll found that only 30% of America’s

2023-10-23T17:10:05+00:00January 23rd, 2022|Career Management, Job Search Advice|

20 Power Words to Help You Live Your Best Life & Achieve Professional Success

You’ve heard of using power verbs on your resume. But what about using power words in your daily life to achieve professional success? Words hold far greater power than most people imagine. Words express meaning and describe experiences. Words come with emotion. Your feelings and

2023-01-21T23:40:09+00:00January 9th, 2022|Career Management, Personal Marketing|

101 Fast-Action Things You Can Do Today to Advance Your Career

Time. It is a finite resource that most of us wish there were more of. Even if your deepest wish is to advance your career, for most of us, it never feels like we have enough hours in the day. We get so busy

7 Ways to Move Past Overwhelm and Make Progress in Your Job Search

The day ends, and you still haven’t gotten anything done. No, that’s not entirely true. You’ve got things done, just not the important things. It is so frustrating! Never is this truer than when we are job searching. There is just so much to do!

2023-10-23T17:09:53+00:00December 19th, 2021|Career Management, Job Search Advice|

Self-Talk During Your Job Search: Why the Words You Say to Yourself Matter

What dialogue does your inner voice indulge in? Does it motivate you? Does your inner voice serve your purpose? Or does it whisper words of negativity? Does it harm you rather than help you? Is it more an inner-critic than an inner-voice? When it

2023-01-19T16:02:08+00:00December 12th, 2021|Career Management, Job Search Advice|
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