8 Strategies to Increase Your Job Satisfaction & Feel More Fulfilled in Your Current Job

Let’s face it. Whether we actually enjoy our work or not, most of us have to work for financial reasons.

A recent Gallup poll showed that 53% of Americans aren’t generally engaged or cognitively connected to their work and another 13% are “actively” disengaged and experiencing deep dissatisfaction with their employment.

While we are huge advocates at Distinctive Career Services for intentional career design to create more job satisfaction and a career that is in alignment with your passions, your purpose, and what makes you happy, let’s be real. It isn’t always practical to make a sudden and dramatic career change. Sometimes you will need to move more slowly and deliberately, to make sure you can still “bring home the bacon” while you pursue longer-term job satisfaction.

This might mean that you have to “make due” in your current employment. At least for now.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you give up on your dreams. Instead, it is a temporary solution to improve your job satisfaction in the short term while you work on getting the training you need for your dream career or pursue volunteer or part-time work to gain experience or build your savings to sustain you when you make the change.

But, while you are doing that, you don’t need to let your current job suck the life and the joy out of you.

You can get more joy and job satisfaction out of your current work and return to having a positive career, even if it is only temporary while you pursue the change you want. By making a conscious effort you can start to view your job differently.

Perhaps, when you open your mind to it, you will find that there are even untapped opportunities to reinvent your current job so it aligns better with your passions and your interests.

Here are some tips for finding more joy in your work:

  • 1. Treat yourself for achieving goals. You probably find yourself dragging through the drudgery of day-to-day tasks. As they come up, you groan and unwillingly start to tackle them. But how different would it be if you start to treat yourself for completing tasks? Much different for sure! As you move through one task at a time, take a few moments of downtime for yourself. That may mean walking away from your desk or chatting for a moment with a coworker. Whatever it is, treat yourself to something you like.

  • 2. Choose to be positive. Human beings are the only creatures with the power of choice. If you use that power to encourage positive thinking, your job can seem more bearable. Each morning, express thanks for waking up to a new day. Truly be grateful for that opportunity and recognize it as a blessing. Focus on that blessing throughout your day at work. Remember, even an unpleasant task at work has some positive element to it. Consider the fact that each task you do gives you more work experience. Later on, you can use that experience to land the job of your dreams!

  • 3. Focus on success. Just like many other things in life, time is best spent focusing on where you want to go. For everything you do at work, your aim is to complete it, and do it well. Try the approach of focusing on the successful end result instead of the journey. Consider how well your next evaluation will go if you are successful in everything you do. The thought of positive recognition is enough to give you some amount of joy. Forget the fact that it’s not your dream job. Make it the job that you knocked out the park. Make it the stepping-stone to a job more aligned with your professional desires.

  • 4. Become a mentor. Sometimes experiencing work blues is worth it when you impart knowledge to someone else. Is there an intern at your office? Or do you know someone else in need of professional guidance? Why not become their mentor? Helping someone else succeed can bring you satisfaction. What you’re gaining through daily experience can make a positive change in someone else’s life. Knowing that is victory in itself!

  • 5. Find ways to make the work you do more engaging. Create contests for yourself to see if you can deliver better performance. Or, partner with a coworker to have a friendly (“friendly” is the key) competition related to work performance. It is okay to have fun.

  • 6. Reorganize your time. Are there tasks that just aren’t drawing on your strengths? Tasks that you really wish would disappear from your daily to-do list? Explore if there is a way for you to delegate them. If not, maybe you can come up with a solution that will make them more enjoyable and efficient to complete.

  • 7. Socialize more. Don’t let it hurt your performance, but if you feel more connected to your coworkers, you are likely to feel more engaged and happier during your workday. Attend office events and meetings and get to know the people you work with.

  • 8. Pursue every new learning opportunity. Does your employer offer special training opportunities? Seize on them. Do you have the opportunity to learn a new job responsibility? Go for it. Enthusiastically take on new assignments. Increasing your knowledge and skills won’t just help you now, they’ll help you pursue your dream job in the future.

It’s difficult to find scenarios that always work in your favor. A lot of times, you’re left doing the best with what you have.

But, don’t be a martyr. If your reasons for disliking your current job are about harassment or other legal issues, they should not be tolerated and should be reported. These are good reasons to pursue a job change sooner than later.

However, assuming it isn’t harassment or other legal issues, you’ll find that making the best of it isn’t such a bad concept if you make an effort to find the joy in what you do. A positive attitude will help you make the best of it.

Make today the day that you find joy in your job!

8 Strategies To Increase Your Job Satisfaction & Feel More Fulfilled In Your Current Job

About the Author: Michelle Dumas

Michelle Dumas is the founder and CEO of Distinctive Career Services, one of the internet's longest-standing and most respected professional resume writing firms. Michelle is a 6X certified and 7X award-winning resume writer and career consultant. To learn more about the services offered by Distinctive Career Services visit https://www.distinctiveweb.com

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