The sample resumes and other career marketing documents in our portfolio are representative of the quality professional resume writing services that we provide. You will find not only example resumes that we have written for clients (including some before and after resumes), but also sample infographic resumes, cover letters, and other job search documents. If you click through, you will find more detail about each example on each portfolio sample page.

The sample resumes in our portfolio include a variety of different resume formats and styles. Job seekers often get confused when trying to select a resume format to create a resume. The best format for you will usually be based on a combination of your work history, your current job search goals, the specific industry you are targeting, and the expectations of hiring managers in that industry, along with many other factors. We have included a variety of resume styles among our samples, including functional resumes, chronological resumes, hybrid resumes, and others.

Please remember that these professionally written sample resumes and other documents are not meant to be templates. Just as every client is unique, so is every career marketing document that we create. All the sample resumes, cover letters, and other documents are protected by copyright law and copying is prohibited. However, if you are impressed or inspired by the samples in our portfolio, it would be our pleasure to write an equally powerful and unique resume and cover letter for YOU. Please schedule a free consultation to learn more about our services.

Sample Resumes From Our Portfolio

Sample Infographic Resumes (one-page profiles used for networking)

Sample Cover Letters (variety of formats)

Samples of Other Job Search Documents (networking resumes, references, and more)