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Why a Resume Template Could Bring Your Job Search to a Screeching Halt

– Posted in: Resume Writing

In the course of managing my resume writing practice, prospective clients often send me their existing resumes as an aid in providing a quote for our services in writing a new resume. The vast majority of these client-submitted resumes are ineffective and contain any number of problems, including grammatical errors, inappropriate information, outdated sections, and

Are You Making These 10 Fatal Resume Mistakes?

– Posted in: Resume Writing

// // Is your resume generating disappointing results. Have you been sending it for positions that you know you are qualified for, but the phone remains silent? If so, you might want to check it and revise it against these ten common mistakes. Resume Mistake #1. Including an objective statement that tells the reader what

Secrets to Writing a Job Winning Resume

– Posted in: Career Marketing Resume Writing
Secrets to Writing a Job Winning Resume 3

// // Do you have a completely unblemished work history? Was writing your resume a breeze because you are perfectly qualified with a model career and educational background? Or, do you find yourself struggling to prepare your resume...struggling because of some glitch or problem in your background that you don't know quite how to overcome

How To Write Your Resume For An International Job Search

– Posted in: Career Marketing Job Search Techniques Resume Writing

Do you dream about working abroad? Do your short or long-term career goals include an international assignment? Maybe you want to practice your ability to speak multiple languages. Perhaps you completed coursework or a degree in international business. Or maybe you just want to broaden your corporate qualifications with a more global perspective and multicultural

5 Common Resume Writing Mistakes to Avoid

– Posted in: Resume Writing

In most cases, this is true. It is the rare reviewer of resumes who, when being completely honest, will tell you that he or she spends more than a few seconds in the first review of a resume. Unless your resume captures immediate attention through an eye-appealing design and succinct, compelling language, your resume will

Top 5 Myths of Executive Resume Writing

– Posted in: Resume Writing
Top 5 Myths of Executive Resume Writing

// // While it is true that you have only a few seconds to capture a reader’s attention and it is also true that with each additional page you reduce your chances of your resume being read thoroughly, for most executives it is unrealistic and nearly impossible to compress many years of experience into one

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