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7 Job Search Networking Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making

– Posted in: Job Search Networking

Professional networking isn't for amateurs.  Or the faint of heart.  In fact, if mismanaged, your professional networking efforts may actually hinder, rather than advance, your career.   People are often unaware that they are making job search networking mistakes and that's assuming they even know such mistakes are possible. You can engage in various levels of

Networking Skills That Will Help You Win Your Next Job

– Posted in: Job Search Networking

There are many skills that you need to land that next job – education, experience, attitude, gumption. With the advent of social and business networking sites and online professional associations, it’s important to spend time on another increasingly crucial skill – networking. Not that networking skills haven’t been important before, but online networking can make

Social Media Tips to Help With Your Online Networking

– Posted in: Miscellaneous

Social media.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and over 400 other recognized social media sites have helped to create a smaller world than ever before.   While concerns grow over privacy rights and whether etiquette and ethics can keep pace with this constantly evolving milieu, there is no question that social media is a pervasive in our daily

10 Ways Your Network Contacts Can Help With Your Job Search

– Posted in: Job Search Networking Job Search Techniques

// // Though 50% of my current sales are generated from referrals (generally, from past clients) and repeat clients, one of my primary business goals always involves  increasing the percentage of new business generated through word-of-mouth sources. I've read and studied a number of books on this subject and on developing a referral marketing strategy.

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