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How to Use LinkedIn Answers to Build Your Personal Brand in Job Searching

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There aren't many among us who don't know about LinkedIn and use it to maintain an online presence for our professional persona and job searching.  With over 150 million users, LinkedIn remains, according to Entrepreneur, "the most powerful business intelligence knowledge base on the Internet."  Gaining maximum benefit from LinkedIn, however, requires more than simply

Tips for Writing a Branded Resume

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Q. How are resumes different now than in the past? If you had one piece of advice to bring my resume up to current standards, what would it be? A. There are actually many differences because styles and trends for resumes are changing all the time. However, I would say that the most fundamental difference

5 Insider Secrets to Ramp Up Your Job Search By Incorporating Your Personal Brand

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// // When you think about your next career move, how would things be different for you if you were HUNTED rather than being the HUNTER? Personal branding (the process of clarifying and communicating what makes you and your unique value proposition different and special) allows you to make a name for yourself. It differentiates

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