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Using LinkedIn For Your Job Search: 10 Golden Rules That You Need To Know

– Posted in: Career Marketing Internet Job Searching Personal Branding

The development and popularity of social media has transformed the way we communicate, how we gather and disseminate information (whether personal or professional), the way in which we share our opinions, and the method by which we brand ourselves.  Yes, brand.  We disclose what we think, expose what is important to us, essentially lay bare who

The Internet is Not Like Vegas: Why That Matters to your Job Search

– Posted in: Career Management Career Marketing Internet Job Searching Personal Branding

While it may or may not be true that "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", there is no question that what happens on the Internet stays on the Internet...As in forever, readily available to anyone with even a modicum of understanding about how to conduct an online search. People both famous and obscure have

15 Easy Action Steps To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Today

– Posted in: Internet Job Searching

LinkedIn.  The most popular social networking site (SNS) for professionals.  How popular?  LinkedIn claims over 150 million users; a recent report found that 7,610 LinkedIn searches occur every minute.  It's no wonder, then, that business professionals in general and those engaged in or considering a job search in particular use LinkedIn as part of their

Expert Advice for Using Social Networking Websites to Improve your Job Search

– Posted in: Career Management Career Marketing Internet Job Searching

The job market is beginning to improve, but competition remains significant. In order to land the job you really want – one where you can both contribute and grow – you have to be more proactive than ever. Networking has long been a valuable resource for job searchers, but now social networking websites -- Facebook,

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