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Video: Steps You Can Take Now To Propel Your Job Search Networking Success

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Networking throughout your career is essential, and no more so than when you are job searching. The exact percentage varies depending on the source, survey after survey shows that the vast majority of newly employed individuals found their new job via word of mouth and networking.  The simple facts are: if you are serious about

5 Tips to Really Stand Out in Your Job Search and Get Hired Quickly

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5 Tips to Really Stand Out in Your Job Search and Get Hired Quickly 2

// // With your excellent skills, detailed knowledge, and vast experience, you may think that your job search will be smooth sailing, even in the current economic times. But don’t be too complacent. Given the numbers of people who are out of work or underemployed, the likelihood of getting hired quickly may not be as

Expecting to Find a Job? Manage Your Expectations & Get Hired More Quickly

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Expecting to Find a Job

Are you conducting a search to find a job? It's said that satisfaction is a function of expectation, that your level of satisfaction is largely determined by how far from the expected outcome you end up.  This could apply to a relationship, your finances, your favorite team's playoff hopes, even whether you find a job. // //

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