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What To Do When A Job Recruiter Calls You

– Posted in: Job Search Techniques
Job Recruiter Calls You

Job searching can feel like a never-ending quest. The seemingly unending polish of your resume and cover letter, and relentless searching for position postings that match most (if not all) of your career must-haves. It can be exasperating to not hear back from the companies you originally thought would call you within minutes of your

“Tell Me About Yourself” How To Craft The Perfect Answer To This Inevitable Job Search Question

– Posted in: Job Search Interviewing
"Tell Me About Yourself" How To Craft The Perfect Answer To This Inevitable Job Search Question

So you've finally been called to interview for that job you're dying to get. Or maybe you have an informational interview lined up or will be attending a networking event next week. You've researched the industry, the company, confirmed that your references will provide glowing recommendations, and prepared a list of questions you'll ask when given the

Video: Steps You Can Take Now To Propel Your Job Search Networking Success

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Networking throughout your career is essential, and no more so than when you are job searching. The exact percentage varies depending on the source, survey after survey shows that the vast majority of newly employed individuals found their new job via word of mouth and networking.  The simple facts are: if you are serious about

Email Etiquette Mistakes That Are Costing You The Job Offer

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email etiquette

Looking for work can itself feel like a full-time job.  Gone are the days when one only had to review the classified ads, call for an appointment or simply just drop by the hiring employer and speak to someone about the job (yes, this actually used to happen!). Today there are recruiters, job boards on

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