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Burnt Out From Your Job Search? Tips To Recharge Your Energy & Jumpstart Your Motivation

  It's said that we spend our lives searching.  Searching for meaning, for love, for success, for the best sushi place.  Unfortunately, it often seems that much of our time

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And You Thought Job Searching Just Meant Looking for Work

Once upon a time, job searching basically meant perusing the Classifieds, sending a resume and cover letter, waiting for the phone to ring and sitting through one or more interview

Job Hunting Thruths: Lessons Learned From The Trenches

  We all know people who are frustrated in their job search because they've sent out hundreds of resumes, without getting one acknowledgment, let alone an interview. In fact, you

How-to Easily Create a Compelling, Branded Elevator Pitch for Your Job Search

  The elevator pitch. You are probably familiar with the term. It is most commonly used to describe the concise 60-second speech that business owners and executives, as well as

How-To Write a Resume That Differentiates You to Land a Job Fast No Matter What The Economy Is Like

When unemployment is high and you find yourself in a competitive job market, it is easy to get discouraged. It is a fact that there are more and more people

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