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How To Get Your Resume Past An Applicant Tracking System & Into The Hands of Hiring Authorities

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The Internet has significantly altered the job search landscape.  Easy online availability of  information about industries, professions and companies have created a very small world, essentially rendering physical distance irrelevant when it comes to looking for employment. // Whorush: 9 sites by this AdSense ID // Now, someone in Los Angeles can not only find about a job opening in

How to Create Internet-Ready Resume Video and How to Use Them

– Posted in: Internet Job Searching Resume Writing

What exactly is meant by the phrase internet-ready resume? If you are confused by the many different types of resumes required for an internet job search -- email resumes, scannable resumes, keyword resumes, text resumes, ASCII resumes, PDF resumes, Word resumes, and traditional resumes--you definitely aren't alone! Using the internet in your job search is

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