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Your resume is truly one of the most important documents you will ever create. This one document creates an image about you as a professional, and is often the primary factor in how an employer forms their first impression of you. Whether you like it or not, image counts, perception is reality, and first impressions are almost always lasting impressions.

A resume can make all the difference—in either a positive or negative way—in how quickly your career progresses, how easily you are able to achieve your career goals, and even in how much you are paid.

Not realizing that there are options, many people try to write their own resume. Sadly, most bungle the job terribly, and as a result spend far more time unemployed, and when they do land a job it is often below their true potential and pays a salary lower than they would like.

When it comes to your resume, is adequate good enough? As a growing number of professionals will testify, the answer is no. These professionals have made an investment in their future by hiring a professional resume writer.

How can a professional resume writer help you to create a superior resume that conveys a competitive image that creates a positive first impression? There are many ways, but here are just a few of the most dramatic.

  1. Many people get bogged down in the details when they try to write their own resume. They throw everything into it, afraid to miss a detail that might be relevant. As you can see in the following before-and-after resume examples, having your resume professionally written by Distinctive Documents can make an immense difference in how powerfully and concisely your resume conveys your most relevant qualifications.
  2. Resume example before rewriting

    Before professional rewriting, this resume is too wordy and hard to read

    Succinct and powerful after resume example

    After professional writing, this resume is succinct, powerful, and easy to read

  3. Many people have the opposite problem and have trouble thinking of anything to include in their resume. The professional resume writers at Distinctive Documents can help here too, drawing out stories of truly impressive successes and achievements that you may not have recognized yourself. The following before-and-after resume examples illustrate this value add.
  4. Resume example not enough detail

    Before resume writing help this resume was dull and so concise it lacked credibility

    After example of resume writing

    After professional rewriting this resume is not just credible but extremely powerful

  5. Professional resume writers bring a true objectivity and expertise to the project when they write and design your resume. As illustrated by this set of before-and-after examples, many people find it very difficult to write about their own background and downplay what would otherwise be very powerful accomplishment stories. A resume written by Distinctive Documents will help you stand out from the competition.
  6. Before resume example no accomplishments

    Before rewriting, this before resume example did an inadequate job of really conveying this candidate's qualifications and accomplishments

    Resume example after professional rewriting

    After it was professionally rewritten this resume was far more powerful with many accomplishments

  7. The professional resume writers at Distinctive Documents have a big-picture understanding of what works in the employment market and they know how to use industry and profession-specific language and keywords to get you the best possible results from your resume. As shown by this set of before-and-after examples, most individuals simply do not have this knowledge and expertise and struggle in the job market far longer than necessary.
Executive resume example before rewriting

This before resume was ineffective and drew no results in the executive job market

Professionally written resume example

After it had been rewritten by the professional resume writers at Distinctive Documents, this resume was far more effective in the executive job market